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Razor Archive Series: Gillette Old Type Aristocrat Safety Razor

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Razor Archive

Gillette Old Type

Aristocrat Safety Razor


Weight: 48g 1.65oz

Handle Length: 2 7/8"

Material: Stamped Brass

Plating: Silver, Gold

Common Problems: Bent Teeth, Patina

Rarity Scale: 4 out of 5

The Gillette Aristocrat is a high end class of razor that Gillette continued to release up until the Adjustable Aristocrat, also known as the Gold Slim Adjustable. This razor provides an interesting view into the earlier years of Gillette, they began marketing a better version of a public favorite usually with an upgraded case or finish.

We see this trend continue throughout Gillette's history, my personal favorite with the Executive Fatboy's Gold finish and geometric knurling. Advertisements in the 1920's were not subtle in pointing out the customer difference between those buying standards and those buying Aristocrats, however the price was the same! 

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