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Wet Shave Showdown: Gillette Mach 3 Cartridge vs Gillette Slim Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

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For those who prefer a long handle and adjustable shave, look no further than the Gillette Slim Adjustable. This razor is a classic with a TTO or twist to open mechanism which works in a swift motion, making it easy to get the perfect high luxury shave you've always wanted. These shavers are known as some of the most popular that Gillette ever crafted for good reason.

  • Long Handle great for large hands
  • Adjustable 1-9 for a smooth shave no matter what!

Wet-shavers world-wide respect the quality and popularity of this renowned adjustable razor. The adjuster works very easy, and spins from 1-9, changing the amount of blade gap exposed during your shave. The higher the number, the bigger the blade gap (thus more aggressive of a shave), the smaller the gap (more mild shaves).

They are known to deliver great shaves and are one of the last DE razors to be made by Gillette. When compared to the Mach 3 cartridge razor, the effortless efficiency was made glaringly apparent. If you have been using the Mach 3 without issue, and don't mind the cost, than we can agree it is one of the better cartridges we've reviewed. However, the Mach 3 cartridge razor from Gillette tugged on Matt's coarse beard, and it took a concentrated effort not to fall into the fast swipes & hard pressure a dulling cartridge can force you into.

The bottom line is, whether you are comparing cost, comfort, or results we believe any Double Edge Razor will win over the cartridge razor, even one as nice as Gillette's Mach 3.

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