Ladies Beginner DE Safety Razor Wet Shave Kit

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Available is the perfect Gift for lady looking to start Wet Shaving!


A great everyday razor that's equally suited for the novice or connoisseur. With the Lilac Ladies Long handle, you get great grip and reach for the bottom of your ankles or top of your under-arm. A smooth shaver with included 5 pack of Derby blades. 

Country of Manufacture: England
Type: Double Edge Razor
Weight: 73g
Length: 3 3/4" (9.52 cm) 
Finish: Polished Chrome / Rose Plastic Handle

Proraso Soap is an easy to lather shave soap that provides a rich creamy lather. The scent is clean, with a touch of aloe vera and oatmeal, perfect for sensitive skin!

The synthetic brush included will provide softness when building your lather, its mild exfoliating qualities will ensure her skin is clean and hair is lifted. The brush is the most important part of your shaving and skin care, this brush is very durable and has an attractive ebony handle.

The selection of blades provides 3 different experiences and will take you on a journey through mild to aggressive. After completing this sample pack you will know exactly what blades you need in order to pass inspection. A pack of aggressive Feather blades is included in the razor box as well!


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    Posted by JULIANA OTT on 6th Aug 2018

    I got the lilac handle so mine will differ from my man's safety razor - but otherwise I could have cared less about the colors but I like that there's options!

    Never used one before, but this was quite simple to get used to. It comes with the packs of extra blades which is awesome as I won't have to buy any for a while since I really only use this for my armpits.

    Synthetic brush - I watched the videos on it and since I've never used a boar or other type I like this one. It does it's job of creating a lather and goes on my skin just fine.

    Proraso White - I love this. It smells great, seems to condition my skin well. Doesn't leave a slimy residue afterwards. I did buy the Proraso Green pre-shave cream to pair with it and I like that it tingles (eucalyptus in it).

    Bowl - I don't really need this as I just keep the Proraso in its containter and lather it up from that. I'll keep the bowl for other uses, since I do like the Proraso and don't feel the need to get another bar to go in the bowl.

    If I had one recommendation (which is why I'm giving it 4/5) it would be to have this kit come with a razor/brush stand like the other beginner kits do even if it raised the price up to 89$ instead. Seems lame that something geared towards women does not have the brush stand when the others do; brushes need to dry don't they?

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