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Double Edge Restoration:

1. Tune Up gives your razor a basic revitalization, while keeping the razor completely original. Our technicians clean, buff, adjust, paint, and sanitize your razor with the utmost care and attention to detail. In some cases, we understand that there can be significant wear on a razor which cannot be removed with a standard Tune Up. In this case, we also offer a service that addresses your razor's plating.

2. Razor Revamp service includes the Tune Up service and goes one step further by providing resurfacing, polishing and replating your razor. Just choose a precious metal, add it to your cart, and enjoy a Revamped Vintage razor for years to come! If your razor has pitting/deep scratches/rust you will need to select Satin Nickel. This matte finish utilizes Glass Bead Blasting to smooth out the metal and disguise the damage better than the mirror-finished precious metals.

Straight Razor Restoration: 

This service provides cleaning, polishing, honing, and custom handcrafted handles, bringing you a completely Shave Ready razor you can use for years to come!

1. Polishing removes any active rust and brings your blade to as beautiful and mirror-finish as the integrity of the steel allows.
2. Honing makes your razor sharp and able to provide a smooth shave. Your razor is Stropped and 100% Shave Ready.
3. Custom Scales/Handles can be made for your blade if your handles are broken. Select a shape and material you would like! 

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