13/16" Wade & Butcher "The George Washington Razor" Straight Razor | Sheffield, England

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Available is an 13/16" Wade & Butcher "The Washington Razor" Straight Razor. This is a near wedge razor, lots of metal to get you a seriously close shave. Razor originates from Sheffield, England, home of the world-renowned straight razor craftsmen. This would make a good starter straight razor for someone getting into wet-shaving and wanting to purchase a razor to have forever, or a nice option for a seasoned veteran looking to finally get their hands on a celebrated Wade and Butcher!

This straight razor makes for a great razor because of its large size and comfortable shave provided. Razor has been restored, cleaned, and sanitized making it Shave Ready for your shaving pleasure. Original black horn scales add serious sex appeal to this beauty! Ground with a half hollow, this will plow down stubble with no trouble. Blade has a beautiful etching maintained after all these years, truly a masterpiece and will not be on our site long!

Grind: near wedge
Metal: Carbon Steel
Scales: Original
Date: 1890's
Condition: Polished, Sharpened and Shave Ready
Grade: Good
Imperfections: As seen in pics
Included: Razor


This razor underwent our complete Straight Razor Restoration Service. It was first polished, removing any past oxidization revealing new metal and a spectacular mirror shine. Next, the scales were cleaned and polished.

"Honing starts out on a Chosera 1000 Wet stone were I begin to set the bevel. Once the bevel outline is finished I move onto the Chosera 3000 where the bevel is cleaned up and refined. Next its on to the polishing stage which starts out on the Aishyama 6000 and moves to the naniwa 12000. After the 12k, a perfectly good shave can occur. But we like to take it one step further and finish with a high polish on the Suehiro Gokumyo 20000." Eric, Razor Miester. After honing, the blade is stropped, oiled, and arrives shave ready! Please do not strop this razor before your first shave.


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