1920 Gillette Single Ring DE Safety Razor Old Type Set in Case w/ Blade Banks

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A beautiful razor from the 1920 featuring open comb guard and balanced handle. The standard set was produced for the man who wanted to shave themselves and aided in Gillette's cause of making shaving accessible away from the barbershop and convenient for businessmen.  Original silver plating is in great condition and this set has been cleaned and sanitized.  Comes complete with original leather case and blade banks.

This set has been carefully restored, hand silver polished, ultra-sonically cleaned, and sanitized bringing it to Shave Ready condition for your pleasure. The leather on the outside of the case was also revitalized with an application of shoe polish and proper hand finished buff. Pick up this classic today!

Country of Manufacture: USA
Type: Double Edge Razor
Finish: Silver
Date: 1920 K946145
Condition: Cleaned, Sanitized and Shave Ready
Grade: Excellent
Imperfections: As seen in pics, small crack on top of handle
Included: Razor, case, blade banks

History: The Gillette Old Type was the original razor produced by Gillette Safety Razor Co. Debuted in 1907, the Single Ring features open comb design with two stabilizer pins that keep the blade straight. These heads are known for their smooth yet aggressive shaves. 

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