1958 D1 Gillette RED DOT Fatboy $1.95 Adjustable DE Safety Razor | Rhodium Revamp | RARE

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Here is your chance to own one of the most sought after and rarest of all Gillette razors. Indulge yourself with the highly prized Gillette "Red Dot" $1.95 Adjustable safety razor. Note the base plate is like a Gillette Toggle. These razors were well built and give wonderful shaves. The razor is adjustable so as to customize your shave. The setting range 1-9. One being the most mild shave and nine being the most aggressive. The size and weight of these razors provide great balance and makes shaving a pleasure.

This tool is made of brass plated with new gorgeous Rhodium. The TTO knob works great and the doors open smoothly. Great care was taken in the restoration, cleaning and sanitation of this razor. A perfect razor for a perfect shave! Everything opens smooth and closes tight. If you are a collector don't let this one get away. Another shiny razor from the stellar line of Gillette razors.

This razor has undergone our full Revamp service which includes our Tune Up service. Metal resurfacing, mirror-finish, replating, mechanical inspectiong, painting, lubricating, blade gap alignment. Razor arrives 100% Shave Ready and with proper care will last another 60+ years!

Country of Manufacture: USA
Type: Double Edge Razor
Finish: Rhodium
Date: D1
Condition: Cleaned, Sanitized and Shave Ready
Grade: Revamp
Imperfections: As seen in pics
Included: Razor

History: The Gillette $1.95 Adjustable has been dubbed the "Fatboy" in relation to its successor, the Slim Adjustable. It was Gillette's first good attempt at an adjustable razor and has been met with favorable reviews both in the 50's and today. 

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