5/8" Wester Bros. Steel Anchor Brand | Solingen, Germany

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Available is a 5/8" Wester Bros. Anchor Brand straight razor that was manufactured in Germany. This blade is ground with a spike point, perfect for shaping beards and goatees. Beginners to straight razor shaving will love this straight razor for many reasons. The 5/8" size means it carries enough weight for coarse beards, and is still light enough for beginners' hands to maneuver. A hollow grind cuts cleanly through your beard and is easy for upkeep, much easier than choppers or wedges. 

This razor has undergone a complete Straight Razor Restoration and arrives 100% Shave Ready, no need to strop. The blade has been photographed with oil to keep the blade from oxidizing. Add a USA made 3" strop and you'll be on your way to self-sufficiency and the best shave of your life. Buy now!

Country of Manufacture: Germany
Grind: Hollow
Metal: Carbon Steel
Scales: Celluloid
Date: 1940's
Condition: Polished, Sharpened and Shave Ready
Grade: Good
Imperfections: normal pitting from age, no active rust
Included: Razor only

Restoration: This razor went through our Straight Razor Restoration service. It was first polished to a near mirror finish, removing all active rust and as much metal as was safe for this grind. The scales were also polished to give a high luster. Honing starts out on a Chosera 1000 Wet stone where the bevel is set. Once the bevel outline is finished the razor proceeds to be honed with the Chosera 3000 where the bevel is cleaned up and refined. Next its on to the polishing stage showcasing the Aishyama 6000, then Naniwa 12000. After the 12k, a perfectly good shave can occur, but we like to take it one step further and finish with a high polish on the Suehiro Gokumyo 20000. After honing, the blade is stropped, oiled, and arrives shave ready! Please do not strop this razor before your first shave.

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