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Available is a 6/8" Northwest Gun & Bicycle Co. Straight razor with original black celluloid scales. Razor originates from Germany, known across the globe for its incredible steel and the Imperial razor is no exception!! It is a half hollow blade that has been ground with a square tip, making it an accurate shaver, more-so than a round point. This would make a good starter straight razor for someone getting into wet-shaving because of its quality steel and maneuverability, or a nice option for a seasoned veteran looking to try a new straight. What are you waiting for? See what "a close shave" truly feels like!

Razor has been restored, cleaned, and sanitized making it Shave Ready for your shaving pleasure. Ground with a hollow grind, this will plow down stubble with no trouble. Blade has a beautiful mirror finish, and has been highly buffed to perfection. Etching remains beautifully visible! Truly a masterpiece! 

Country of Manufacture: Germany
Grind: Half Hollow
Metal: Carbon Steel
Scales: original celluloid
Date: 1900's
Condition: Polished, Sharpened and Shave Ready
Grade: Excellent
Imperfections: as seen in pics
Included: Razor


This razor underwent our complete Straight Razor Restoration Service. It was first polished, removing all active rust to reveal new metal and a mirror shine. Next, the scales were either restored or handcrafted depending on the razor’s needs. Custom scales are handcrafted specifically for this razor and expertly fashioned with new pins providing support, style, and control. If left original, the scales were cleaned thoroughly removing any risks of corrosion or scale rot, and buffed to bring out the material’s luster and brilliance.

To make the straight razor Shave Ready it then completes our True Honing Process, utilizing stones in a progression designed specifically for that razor’s material, grind, and needs. Bevels are set using a Chosera 400 sharpening stone, then the Chosera 1000 is assigned to precisely define the bevel. The Chosera 3000 is then used to sweep the bevel clean and acts as a transition into the finishing stones.

We begin the honing with the Arashiyama 6000 stone. After an extended time with this sharpening stone shaving is completely possible. However, we utilize the Naniwa 12000 to bring the razor even closer to perfection. Our final stone, Suehiro 20000, leaves an exceptionally smooth edge providing you with a Shave Ready razor that will glide through your beard effortlessly.Once the honing is finished the razor is then stropped with one of our handcrafted Latigo 3’’ Strops and a light coating of food + face safe mineral oil is applied making this Straight razor preserved to museum quality standards and 100% Shave Ready!

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