Beard Mustache Care Grooming Kit

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We bring you this kit! Featuring Proraso Mustache Wax, Beard Oil, and Beard Balm; Merkur detail safety razor for clean lines and taming that neck beard; and Captain Fawcett comb to send your beard & 'stache game to the next level! This special Merkur 907 model is designed for shaving those tricky mustache and eye brow areas where you need to get in small spots. It's also great for guys that sport goatee's or side burns. You can really shape your facial hair better with the right tool - and this handy razor is up for the job. 

Proraso Mustache Wax is the perfect tool for providing the control and lift your mustache deserves! Proraso Beard Oil is perfect for keeping your beard moisturized, tame, and majestic! This Beard Oil is formulated for a long, thick beard to tame, smooth, soften, and protect. Apply a dime-size amount or more (depending on length/thickness) to the palms of your hands and rub through your damp beard starting from the roots to the tip. Proraso Beard Balm is perfect for soothing skin in the beginning stages of beard growth, moisturizing the skin and taming your hair once your beard begins to mature! Scented with cedar wood, eucalyptus, and Mediterranean citrus leaves a pleasurable fresh sensation. For extra beard growth massage this product into your face for 5 mins daily. This will not only moisturize the skin and hair but the increased blood flow will help your beard grow fast and fuller!

Scented with cedar wood, eucalyptus, and Mediterranean citrus provides a fresh masculine scent that is very light and never over powering. This mellow scent will work to enhance your everyday cologne! 

Country of Manufacture: Italy
Type: Mustache Wax
Weight: 15ml
Color: White

Country of Manufacture: Italy
Type: Beard Oil
Weight: 1.0oz
Color: n/a

Country of Manufacture: Italy
Type: Beard Balm
Weight: 3.4oz
Color: White

Comb Length: 117 mm (unfolded)
Country of Manufacture: Italy
Type: Moustache/Beard Comb
Weight: 1oz
Color: Faux Tortoise

Country of Manufacture: Germany
Type: Moustache Razor
Finish: Chrome
Condition: Cleaned, Sanitized and Shave Ready
Grade: New
Imperfections: N/a
Included: Razor, Blade

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A story that is already the stuff of legends. Ludovico Martelli created Proraso in Florence in 1948. Over the years, it became a benchmark for shaving professional and all Italian men. When seeking out the highest quality shaving products for men, the Italian shaving experts at Proraso have long been standout leaders in the wet-shaving field. For over a century, Ludovico Matellli's Florence-based artisans have created superior men's shaving creams and shaving soaps. Proraso also formulates premium pre-shaves and aftershaves to perfect the discerning man's shaving experience. Across the sea from sunny Italy to our customers in Arizona, we are pleased to offer exceptional Florentine shaving and skin preparations for men from Proraso.

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