Castle Forbes Essential Shaving Cream - Lavender

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A rich and luxourious scent, this high quality shaving cream is absolutely superb in every way. We love it and know you will too! Get the product that everyone is raving about today!

Country of Manufacture: Great Britian
Weight: 200ml
Color: White

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Known as one of the BEST quality shaving creams on the market. Many refer to it as the Gold Standard in the Shaving Industry and the cream that all others are compared to.

Castle Forbes Shaving Creams are scented only with pure essential oils. The shave cream is formulated to produce a rich and luxurious lather with the generous addition of warm water. The signature lather only requires a small amount of cream and delivers maximum hydration for a close and long lasting shave. Paraben-Free. 

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    Something is wrong with this

    Posted by Tim Holt on 11th Jun 2015

    The first jar of this stuff was great. I think I even reviewed it here. This jar is very disappointing. It has a waxy, paraffin-like consistency and it is very hard to get it to lather up. When I do manage to get it on my face it dries out, leaving a white powder on my face. I wonder if this sat on a shelf in a hot place for a long time before it was sent out to me. I asked the Razor Emporium about this and I got an email suggesting that "sometimes they change the formulation without telling us". I don't buy that. I am disappointed with the product, but even more disappointed with the poor customer service. I will not buy here again.

  • 5

    Posted by Andrew Beck on 28th Nov 2014

    I picked this up for my wife to use. I decided to give it a try. Great lather. A small amount goes a long way. Very slick glide with each pass. Very protective and cushioning. I couldn't feel the blade at all. After finishing up and rinsing off the shave cream left my face and neck very hydrated. No redness, no irritation. The nature scent of the lavender is very relaxing. If you like a quick shave this is great, if you like the ritual of having your morning shave then definitely pick up some. It makes for a very enjoyable shave.

  • 5
    My First Real Quality Shave Soap

    Posted by Zach Kirby on 23rd Sep 2014

    Was looking for my first experience with a quality shave soap and this came recommended by Tiffany of Razor Emporium. I'm actually a little upset that I tried this so soon in my wet shaving journey. Why you ask? Because I'm in love with it, I don't ever want to stop using it. How am I supposed to try other soaps now that I've already found my favorite.

    In all seriousness I did a four part shave with this stuff today. That's right, after my three part shave I had plenty of lather left over and loved the smel so much I went In for a fourth pass. You really only need a tiny amount with this stuff.

    My face felt amazing all day following this soap and every woman I passed by out in the wild commented on how beautiful my eyes were and asked me out on a date. Beware Gent's this stuff is super powerful and really makes the ladies go crazy.

  • 5
    Unbelievable texture

    Posted by Tim Holt on 17th Jul 2014

    I have been using a conventional shaving soap and fantasizing about a hot lather machine like a barbershop would have. Then I stopped by the store and Tiffany introduced me to this cream. I tried it the next morning and was overwhelmed with the smooth, creamy texture and ease of use. I loaded my brush with a very small amount and it was more than enough to shave 3 times (with grain, against grain and sideways).
    This seemed kind of pricey at first, but it is clearly worth it and it now looks like it will be long lasting enough to actually be cheaper than regular shaving soap. I don't see myself using anything else.

  • 5
    Simply the best!

    Posted by Olaf on 27th May 2014

    Castle Forbes is still my most preferred shaving soap, after having tried more than 25+ other shaving soaps. It seems pricey but you really only need a finger tip of this soap to create a huge of lather. this jar should easily last you a year or maybe even longer. It provides excellent protection for your skin while shaving, doesn't dry out too quickly and seems to have a nice "aftercare" effect too on your skin.

    This is the lavender scent, which I found very pleasant even though my favorite scent is the Sandal/Cedarwood. Highly recommended!!

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