Dorco TTO Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor PL602

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Available is the Dorco PL602 the perfect starter razor and/or travel razor due to its plastic construction, twist to open design, affordable price, and smooth shaves! 

This razor is a 2 piece razor with the cap detaching allowing for easy loading blades, and always a perfect alignment. Durable TTO screws allow for adjustability by unscrewing the handle slightly. Two dots on the handle allow an easy adjustment everytime! By far the most affordable Twist to Open + "adjustable" razor, this razor will never be damaged by dropping, corrosion, rust, or pitting! It's plastic construction also mean you will have no delays while making it through airport security!

This razor arrives New with 2 Dorco blades so you're ready to experience a smooth shave upon arrival! Not convinced? Read Sharpologist's article here! 

Still not convinced? Get a second opinion from iManscape's Blog! 

Country of Manufacture: Vietnam
Finish: Plastic
Condition: New
Handle Length: 4.1"
Included: Razor, 2 Dorco Blades


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  • 4
    good starter/travel razor

    Posted by Wes on 6th Aug 2018

    I feel that this razor is a great way to get into traditional wet shaving for those hesitant to get into it. Those that have, this is a travel option, though is extremely mild shave that can be an issue for some men. I have not tried with Feather blades yet. I will try in future.

    My secondary use for this is a training razor for my nephew. I am going to teach him early the wonderfulness of Traditional Wet Shaving. Ofcourse for him I remove blades.

    I would rate 5 starts if it wasn't so mild and would be an issue for many.

  • 4
    I'm New to DE Razors

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Sep 2017

    I'm new to DE razors and this Dorco PL602 is the first DE razor I have used.

    I rated it 4 stars because I'm happy I was able to adjust the gap to be wider for more blade exposure. This has helped my shave immensely with the Dorco PL602 (using it on wider blade gap setting). Even with PolSilver Super Iridium blades, the Dorco on the mildest gap setting was giving me a worse shave than cartridge razors. Moving it to the wider gap setting provides a more efficient shave. Yet, still not efficient enough. Maybe I need to try Feather blades or something? Or get a more "aggressive" DE razor.

    Also, very important, is the 2 Dorco blades that come with it SUCK. Really, they cut nothing, or barely. But they were good for my very first day to learn on, to learn how to hold and angle a DE razor. But by second day I was already putting in a PolSilver I had ordered too. I'm lucky I did.

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