Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill

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Easily one of the most slick and moisturizing shaving products on the market. Low scent and perfect for everyday usage. 

Country of Manufacture: England
Type: Hard Soap
Weight: 125g
Color: White/Cream

More Information

Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap was first produced in the early 1930s by Bradford chemist Fred Mitchell who realised that the natural lanolin content of wool fat, which kept the hands of local sheep shearers and wool sorters so exceptionally soft, could also be beneficial to delicate complexions and sensitive skins.

A simple and natural product, Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap is still made to Mr. Mitchell's original formula, based on a recipe from the turn of the century and incorporating lanolin from the wool fat as the key ingredient.

These are very gentle products particularly soothing to sensitive skins, often been recommended by members of the medical profession to help alleviate certain skin complaints.

From its early loyal following of mainly local customers, the reputation of Mitchell's Wool Fat Soap has grown and it is now in great demand not only in the British Isles but in Europe, Australia, Japan and the USA.

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  • 2
    I Used to Love It

    Posted by Tom on 24th Sep 2020

    I've used this soap daily for over 2 years and loved it. I bought replacement pucks, and they do not produce a usable lather. I compared it to lather with bits from the last good puck, using the same brush and water. The old puck produces wonderful lather while the new puck produces an airy, quickly dissipating foam. On a good puck, the lanolin is wonderful on the face. I'm sad to let it go, but I won't be using this soap any longer.

  • 5

    Posted by Gerald Beeler on 19th Jul 2020

    I thought the name of this product was funky . But I had heard good reviews so I gave it a try. I find this soap creamy and gentle to my skin. The smell is straight forward and the soap lather is long lasting. A little amount of soap goes along way. So I highly recommend this soap .

  • 5
    Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap

    Posted by Dave on 17th Apr 2020

    Really like this product. I'm a bit nostalgic and like the fact that I am using a natural product that's been around for years, but its qualities are right up there. Doesn't produce quite as much lather as other soaps I've used, but the oils content seems to be quite high and that makes up for it. The moisturizing qualities are the best of any soap I have used. Definitely recommend.

  • 5
    Shaving soap

    Posted by Frank on 16th Dec 2019

    In my experience this soap needs a little less water than other hard soaps I’ve tried. I have been using it with a synthetic brush with great results . Makes a great thick lather with enough in the brush for at least 2 passes.

  • 4
    Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap Refill

    Posted by Joe Shafter on 3rd Apr 2019

    Nice & creamy, it smells good too.

  • 5
    Great Soap

    Posted by Josh on 10th May 2017

    I see why this soap has been around for over 100 years. The lather is thick and smooth. I bloom the soap first and used the PAA Prickly Pear preshave soap to form an amazing lather. I do have soft water; which helps a lot. I suggest getting this soap for your shave den; if anything, for the history.

  • 4
    works well

    Posted by Mike on 21st Jan 2017

    This works really well and very slick and lubricating and long lasting. Lathers up really fast on the puck-today I lathered it in a separate bowl and seemed to take a little longer, but ended up with a huge amount of lather. I'm anxious to see how long the puck lasts. Only drawback is it leaves a lot of scum in the sink to scrub out, but oh well, maybe I'll have a cleaner sink for now on.

  • 5
    They don't mess with success!

    Posted by Henry on 13th Nov 2015

    There's a reason this shave soap hasn't changed in 80 years: IT WORKS!

  • 4
    Mitchells Wool Fat Soap is a Good Shave...but

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2015

    This is a good quality soap and makes the razor glide well but I wish it had a mint or menthol component. I have been adding drop or two of tea tree oil to my shaving scuttle and it makes a big difference.

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