New Gillette WWI "Khaki" Travel Case Replica w/ Mirror

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Available is a new designed reproduction of the sought after Khaki Set. In WWI these sets were given out to troops and sold to civilians. The cases are now difficult to find, and vary in condition. These reproductions allow modern consumers to enjoy the rustic vintage feel and function of the important military set. 

Manufactured for durability, function, and style.  The green webbing bands are securely fastened providing a place for razor blades, the head of the double edged razor, and the handle of the razor.  Two fabric enclosures go over the insides, providing that standard Khaki look and adding security to your razor and blades! The set closes using durable nickel snaps. 

The set measures just over 4″ wide, and 2-1/2 inches deep. Use this case as a dependable travel set or use it to display your Gillette Ball End Old Type DE Razor!

This set is the perfect gift for any guy interested in the WWI era of history!  Add a Ball End Razor from Gillette and a pack of DE blades with your WWI replica Khaki case. You can't go wrong with this awesome traveler and thoughtful gift.  

Country of Manufacture: USA
Type: Reproduction Khaki Case
Finish: Fabric
Date: modern
Condition: New
Includes: CASE ONLY w/ Mirror

History: The Gillette Old Type was the original razor head produced by Gillette Safety Razor Co. It features open comb design with two stabilizer pins that keep the blade straight. These heads are known for their smooth yet aggressive shaves. These were the same model as featured in the WWI Khaki sets. 

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    Awesome set for travel!

    Posted by Zachary Ware on 27th Aug 2019

    The khaki set case with mirror- I wanted something to be able tp protect a full size three piece razor when traveling but also have some built in functionality and this case is it! Fits old style ball end razor handles great- including gillette ball end techs and most made in england techs. It would not fit my canadian fat handle tech military set handle though so make sure of your handle size. The mirror works great and fits nicely. Going to be handing these out at Christmas this year!

  • 5
    Cool Product

    Posted by Zachary on 3rd Jul 2019

    I enjoy pieces of history and this replica Khaki Set case was just so cool looking and is quite functional. My Ball End Old Type fits perfectly in the case. It's quite tight when closing the case though. I think it'll stretch a bit and become easier over time with use.

  • 4
    Gillette travel case replica with mirror

    Posted by John Wingert on 16th May 2019

    Rated this a four even though I am returning it. Case really made to fit a particular Gillette razor which I do not own, and won't take any of the four I do have. Very well made, a very desirable means of carrying a DE razor, just not one I can use. Ads should make this clear.

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