Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Bakelite Alpha Ecliptic Slant Razor

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From PAA:

This my friends has been a LONG time coming! For those of you who purchased our aluminum, machined version, you may have noticed on the bottom of the box there were two check boxes; one for Metal and the other for Bakelite. We really wanted to release both models at the same time, but alas, it was not to be. 

You'd think by now my bakelite manufacturer would be able to wrap his head around my razor concepts...but no. Lots of Skype calls, pencil drawings and metaphor went into getting the point across. This model has actually been being worked on for as long as the metal version! So you can imagine how ecstatic I am to finally unleash this little piece of magic to the world.

The Bakelite Alpha Ecliptic is truly a 100% tribute to the original classic and very rare, Walbusch & Sohnes Humpback Razor. So much so, it would be safe to call it a replica or reboot. Same geometry, tolerances, materiel and even the same classic handle! The only difference is aesthetics...the color. The original was brown, yuck. By choosing Ox Blood, I don't think I stepped too far outside the vintage flavor and the almost marble effect on the handle is beautiful. This razor will patina up nicely!

Believing so much in this razor, I really wanted to make it readily available to the masses, hence the modest price tag. It was important for not only the fact that the head design is really phenomenal, but also to keep the history alive. These razors are practically impossible to find these days and if you do, super costly (google it). It would just pain me for this razor to disappear from wet shaving history! 

First off, the razor features a unique humpback design which helps guide the user to the proper blade angle for an almost effortless shave. The slant design is a diagonal rather than the more common twist or torqued models. Modern blades are great but are primarily designed for a good ol' DE Safety Razor, they were not created with the slant in mind. 

What I mean to say is, we are asking a lot of some brands of blades by twisting and torquing them out so wildly, an action that can sometimes compromise the coating or integrity of the edge I suspect. Not a huge problem considering there are so many brands to experiment with, but the Alpha Ecliptic's design offers the same slant action with a more forgiving geometry for any modern DE Blade. 
I would personally rate this razor low on the medium aggression plane. The perfect slant for the newb and an efficient shaver for the more experienced.

One 3-piece Bakelite Open Comb Slant Safety Razor, in red

Weights, Measures & Materials


3.5" Complete Length

Total Weight: 22 Grams

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    First slant, good shave.

    Posted by Zachary on 14th Nov 2019

    This razor is especially efficient on a couple days worth of growth. I shave with mostly mild razors and this is a little more aggressive, but I have yet to hack up my face with it even after a few shaves.

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