Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Moonscape Scuttle 18oz

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For many, their first affordable scuttle was our little darling, The Crown King Scuttle. The goal at that time was to create a high quality scuttle that fit EVERYBODY'S Budget and looked kinda vintage too. Needless to say, it was a huge success and really turned a lot of folks onto hot lather...Mission Accomplished! 

However, over the years we have received much feedback, as expected, and once more put it to good use in an effort to give our loyal customers and the shave community what they want. So back to the drawing board we went!

The goal was to really deliver on this new design while keeping the price relatively the same...that was the biggest challenge and again...Mission Accomplished!

Meet The Phoenix Shaving Moonscape Scuttle!

  •  Handmade & Hand Glazed 
  •  Wide 5 Inch Mouth
  •  Deep 3 Inch Bowl
  •  No More Side Logo
  •  Raised Vert Ridges (not digs)
  •  Rustic Ceramic Design
  •  18 Ounce Capacity 
  •  Real Solid Cork Included

Directions: For best results, fill scuttle with hot water and the top lather bowl. Allow the scuttle to heat 5-10 minutes before shaving (while you shower, maybe). Before creating lather, empty water from scuttle and re-add hot water to bottom chamber. Load brush on soap of choice and then transfer over to scuttle. Use a figure 8 or circular motion, add more hot water as needed. A pumping action may also be incorporated into the technique, in time you will find the sweet spot. NOTE: If you choose to use boiling water, add first to heat scuttle but not before the shave. Boiling water can destroy lather. Do Not add boiling water to a cold scuttle ever, this may cause stress marks or crack porcelain. 

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