Straight Razor Beginner Wet Shave Kit - Options For Every Budget!

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These kits are perfect for those who have always wanted to try straight razor/ traditional wet shaving but were not certain of where to start. Each kit includes a Shave Ready straight edge finished on a 20K grit stone (smooth as glass) and a strop to maintain this edge.

We understand it can be overwhelming seeing so many varieties of shaving supplies out there. That is why we have gathered the perfect shave kit made for those who may be new or returning to the world of wet shaving or upgrading from a safety razor. Wet shaving is the answer to so many struggling with the high cost of cartridge razors, or the cheap painful shaves from shaver clubs like dollar shave club.

If you would like to make any substitutions/upgrades please call and speak with our team! 855-264-1199

Kits Include: 

  1. Give it a Try 2. The Essentials 3. Most Recommended
Straight Razor Shave Ready 208 Gold Dollar Shave Ready 208 Gold Dollar Shave Ready 208 Gold Dollar
Strop  RE Travel Strop RE 3" Maroon Latigo or English Bridle & Canvas Strop RE 3" Maroon Latigo or English Bridle & Canvas Strop
Brush Omega Boar Travel Omega Boar Razor Emporium Pure Black Badger
Shaving Cream Proraso Travel Sample Arko Cool Shaving Cream Proraso Green Shaving Cream
Lather Bowl Chrome Bowl Chrome Bowl Chrome Bowl
Stand n/a Brush Plastic Stand Brush and Razor Stand - Steel
Nick Solutions n/a n/a Styptic Pencil

The Brushes


Left: Omega Boar Travel

Boar whips up a lather quickly and easily. This brush is great for travel use and trying out wets having! Length: 76mm

Middle: Omega Boar

Boar hair whips up a lather quickly and easily. Stiff bristles are great for exfoliation. Length: 126 mm

Right: Razor Emporium Pure Badger

Pure Black Badger is the most luxurious of the shaving brushes. Soft badger hair is great
for all skin types and builds a lather quickly! Length: 107 mm





The Soaps 

Left: Proraso Travel Samples

Classic barbershop scent, easy to lather shaving cream, pre-cream for extra glide, and anti-irritation aftershave balm. Volume: 10 ml

Middle: Arko Cool

Classic barbershop scent, easy to lather shaving cream, enough to last several months. Volume: 94ml

Right: Proraso Green Shaving Cream

Classic barbershop scent, easy to lather shaving cream, enough to last many months,
highly recommended by shavers everywhere. Volume: 150 ml



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  • 5
    Very Nice

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Oct 2019

    A very nice starter set. Not too expensive and a good way to see if this is something you might enjoy.

  • 5

    Posted by Scott Santiana on 12th Oct 2019

    This is a great kit! As described razor was shave ready and the proraso products are a great intro kit. I liked them so much I ordered more. Great way to get into straight razor shaving!

  • 5
    Excellent Starter Kit!

    Posted by Ethan Hubbard on 4th Oct 2019

    For such a paltry cost, this razor set gives a surprisingly accessible first-dive into straight razor shaving. The razor itself is not 'cheap' as much as it is 'economical', though it is Chinese steel, and it can shave right out of the box.
    TLDR; if you were even slightly interested in trying a straight razor , this is the set for you!

  • 5
    Great Value

    Posted by Jesse D on 4th Oct 2019

    You get what you pay for and more. First time straight razor shaver and I love these products. The razor ships ready to shave unlike 2 other razors I ordered from other places.

  • 5
    Best Bang For Buck

    Posted by Doug on 21st Aug 2019

    When I made the decision to try my hand at shaving with a straight razor, I did my homework and this is the purchase I made. I went with The Essentials because I could comfortably swallow the loss if I didn't enjoy it but it came with everything I'd need for a long time to come if I did enjoy it. The quality of each item is above par with, maybe, the exception of the plastic brush stand (that's okay because I made my own stand). I think it would be nice if the Gold Dollar razor was a 5/8 but it has proven to be a decent beginner blade nonetheless. The brush is great quality and produces a good lather. The strop is my favorite item. It's quality is top shelf and being 3" across makes it so easy to use. I'll definitely be investing in a second razor (a 5/8 Dovo or H. Boker for sure) as I can easily see how a smaller blade would be easier to maneuver around certain parts of the face. One thing is for certain, this kit is worth every penny. I can pretty much guarantee that Razor Emporium will be getting more of my money in the future.

  • 5
    Excellent intro kit

    Posted by Robert on 25th Jun 2019

    Has everything you need. All the tools work well, and the price is good. Make sure you give the razor an extra stropping or three before the first use!

  • 3
    Straight razor

    Posted by Matthew Jarrett on 22nd Jun 2019

    I Love it but I still use my dollar shave razor it going to take me sometime to fully get used to it thank you

  • 5
    Wet straight razor kit

    Posted by Anthony Shattles on 12th Jun 2019

    This is a excellent kit. I'm getting reacquainted with

  • 1
    Razor is not even close to shave ready

    Posted by Brandon on 11th Jun 2019

    The proraso products are nice but the razors edge is not sharp at all. I originally thought that i was doing something wrong so i went on you tube and watched the Razor Emporium video on honing that demonstrates hiw to tell if a razor is sharp. It said that a razor should be able to cut a free hanging hair so i tried this with one of my wife's hair from her brush and it wouldnt cut at all. The only thing it took off my face was the lather. I tried every angle and amout of pressure with no improvement and no amount of stropping helped. So i am back to my DE and am very disappointed in this product. I will say that the scales of the razor are very nice though.

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