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This selection of tools will ensure your strop is always in working order and your straight razors ready to perform! Whether you are an occasional straight razor shaver, or you are restoring a vintage/heirloom strop you can use this easy kit to keep your leather supple and edge sharp!

Dovo Leather Conditioner Paste for Razor Strops is the ideal treatment for old straight razor strops, or ones that haven't been used in awhile. Made using non-abrasive contents, this paste prevents cracking to ensure your strop is in heirloom condition! Easily applied by rubbing your palm back and forth over the leather, a small amount goes a long way! Use sparingly at first, and apply only to a clean strop. 

To maintain the edge on your straight razor, try these strop pastes from Dovo. They are equivalent to black and red polishing rouge- the same compound used to polish steel during razor sharpening by a professional. By applying this paste to the canvas side of your hanging strop, you can "polish" the edge and  keep it lasting longer. Your edge will stay sharper in between honings and you should generally have a better overall shaving experience. Be sure to use light pressure and perform 25-50 laps on the coated canvas before going to the leather side.

Red 3-4 microns 5,000-8,000 Grit
Black 1-2 microns 9,000-14,000 Grit

For more instructions read this post on Straight Razor Place: Pasted Strops a Rough Guide

Dovo Leather Balm for Razor Strops is the ideal treatment for your everyday straight edge strop. Gentle enough for daily use and easily applied by rubbing your palm back and forth over the leather. Use sparingly at first, and apply only to a clean strop. Keep your strop, and therefore your straight razors, in the best shape. Pro-tip, apply this leather balm at night so your strop's leather is conditioned for your morning shave!

Over time, any leather will dry out and crack if not properly maintained. Dovo Leather Balm will replace lost oils, and keep the leather supple, so that your strop is always prepared to put the best edge on your razor.

Made in Germany
Balm 50ml
Paste 5ml
Contains vaseline and lanolin


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