1940's - 60's Gillette Psycho Tech Reproduction Key

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This razor was made especially for Mental Hospitals or Prisons where the inmate would not be granted access to a razor blade. They needed a way to control access to the blade, so the Psycho Tech was born. Nurses or guards would change out the blades for the inmates, lock the cap down, and keep the key. 

Most sets were sold 10 razors to 1 key, so now as rare as these razors are to find, the keys are 10 times rarer! The occasional replica has sprouted up over the years, always short lived, always cheaply made from hardware store parts and never looked authentic. And there is of course the screwdriver method. These are rare historical razors meant to be used and displayed and treasured. Screw-drivers have no place in a display case and they can damage the internal components of the razor.

We decided to manufacture the authentic key this infamous razor deserved and you can be proud to use and display! 

  • Original gauge and diameter were replicated in the steel jump ring made by a jewelry studio in Missouri. 
  • No existing connector was satisfactory so eyelet was laser cut from brass sheet to spec in Prescott, Arizona
  • Ball chain was sourced from the original company Gillette used in the 1950's from Boston, Mass.
  • Key was closely replicated using a CNC lathe process and knurl pattern was closely replicated with a milling process 

Country of Manufacture: USA
Type: Key
Finish: Solid Brass with Factory Nickel plating
Grade: NEW
Included: 1 reproduction psycho key, 1 box with reproduction label. NO RAZOR


History:  "The Gillette Security Razor Used in Institutions", The Gillette Blade March 1955

In 1949 Gillette was approached by officials in the Army Headquarters in Washington D.C. relative to designing and manufacturing a razor that would hold a locked-in blade. Their research department developed several different models and finally came up with the current security razor, which more than met all the government specifications. 

The security razor has a hollow handle with a locking nut high inside and is opened and closed by a brass key which fits inside the handle. It is generally similar to the Tech $0.49 razor in appearance. The razor received immediate acceptance from the government and as the information spread, the distribution of the security razor was widened to include specialized institutions and more recently, prisons. Security razors are given to inmates under a careful check system and returned after use. An attendant keeps the key and changes blades as required. In following this procedure the chances of patients injuring either themselves, or others, is practically an impossibility. But more than this, it is an extremely important part, and one of the first steps towards the patient's rehabilitation, whereby he starts doing things for himself.

Many thousands of man hours are saved yearly and used for other important hospital duties, due to hospital nurses and attendant being freed from the chore of shaving the psychiatric patients.

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  • 1

    Posted by jack fischetti on 26th Dec 2020

    I would love to review this product, but since I STILL have not received it after purchasing it nearly a month ago I can not. And I must say I am very disappointed in the shipping time. This was (suposed to be) a Christmas gift. For such a small product, it could have been put in an envelope & dropped in a mail box & I would have gotten it three weeks ago from anywhere in the country covid or no covid. Oh & no one ever responded to my emails about getting it to before the holiday was over! Very Dissapointing!!!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Walt on 8th Dec 2019

    I don’t what vintage shaving collectors would do without Razor Emporium!!! This key is made with great attention to detail and fits my Lock-Type perfectly!!!

  • 5
    A thing of beauty

    Posted by David Ramsey on 5th Aug 2018

    The psycho key is truly a thing of beauty! I couldn't hardly wait to receive it and finally be able to open my psycho tech razor with it. Now they sit proudly together on display, the highlight of my collection!

  • 5
    Eye Candy

    Posted by DJ on 30th Nov 2017

    This key does more than open your vintage Gillette Psycho ...it's pure eye candy. The quaiity and attention to detail is truly amazing. This is a highly crafted key that is a must have item for Gillette collectors. Finding an original key is like locating a needle in a hay stack. The production of this key by Razor Emporium is a gift to the collector community.

    Many thanks!

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