Made to Order

Why was our Made to Order section created?

Razor Emporium is constantly buying and selling the highest quality vintage inventory to wet shavers and collectors. Sometimes razors do not make the cut due to brassing, corrosion, and other aesthetic reasons. These razors are Revamped and sold to wet shavers looking for a gorgeous refurbished razor in a unique precious metal finish. 

Customers wanted this TLC for their own heirloom razors, and since the creation of the Revamp service we have refurbished thousands of customer razor's every year! We get questions frequently asking if a particular razor they are bidding on through auction sites would be a good candidate for a Revamp. It's impossible to guarantee our analysis is accurate without having the razor in our hands, so we created a solution!

What is Made to Order?

We are now offering "Made to Order" Revamped razors to solve the delay of shipping, unforeseen mechanical problems, and inconsistency of auction site sellers. Forget the risk of buying online, paying shipping, shipping the razor to us, paying for service work, waiting several weeks, only to receive the razor back and be disappointed because it wasn't a perfect candidate to begin with. Our 'Made to Order' service allows you to purchase razors that we have already inspected, vetted, and guarantee! Pick the razor model and precious metal of your choosing and your Revamped razor will be shipped in no more than 3 weeks!

Shop our current inventory below! And if you have a preference in Date Codes we will do our best to secure them, however cannot guarantee the date code will be available. If  you have questions please give us a call at 855-264-1199!