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We love helping customers find the right shaving products in person! Just walk on in, we welcome customers all day and someone from our team will be waiting in the store to help you! Everything available on our website is available in store!

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I’m new to wet-shaving. What do I need to get started?

We have excellent Starter Kits from top manufacturers on our Kits page. Please also read through our Wet Shaving Education Page and take a look at our YouTube Channel for LOTS of videos!

What blades do you recommend to start with? 

We have a several Sample Kits that cover a lot of ground. Blades are like tennis shoes- it's hard to recommend a specific type and honestly much better to experiment until you find the perfect blade for your skin and beard!

I want to send in my vintage razor for work. What do I need to do?

If you're razor just needs to be cleaned, adjusted and sanitized, click here to order our Tune-Up Service. If your safety razor shows brassing, corrosion or damage, click here to order our Razor Revamp Service. If your Straight Razor needs new handles, cleaned or sharpened, click here for our Straight Razor Revamp Service

What's the status of my order? 

For product purchases, login to your store account here. For service work, we have a repair shop customer portal here

Are you interested in buying or consigning my vintage razors?

The easiest way to find out if you have something we're looking for is to send us an email with pictures to

How old is my vintage razor?

Information on Gillette Date Codes, razor history and more can be found here. To learn more about other brands, please consult the Safety Razor Compendium here

How do I safely clean up my Safety Razor? 

Check out this great video we did on just that subject!

I received my razor back from Revamp / Tune-Up with an included polishing cloth- what are these black marks on the cloth?

This cloth contains Polishing Compound. It is NOT A SILK SUN-GLASS STYLE Cloth. Rubbing it on metal will create dark stains. This is normal - the act of any polishing is removing the metal on the surface to reveal bright, shiny metal underneath. The metal that comes off stains the cloth dark. 


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