Rex Supply Co. Envoy Stainless Steel 3 Piece DE Razor

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Expected release date is 31st Jan 2020

The Envoy Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor 

Rex Supply Co. introduces “The Envoy,” the company’s latest entry in the company’s critically acclaimed line of razors and shaving accessories. The Envoy is a double edge safety razor with an elegant look and a weighted feel that delivers an elevated shaving experience. 

Rex Supply Co. brand razors are known to deliver a clean, close shave without tugging, pulling or skin irritations and the Envoy is no exception.It was developed by the company’s wet shaving enthusiasts to bring modern precision and premium features to the economies a fixed blade design. 

At first glance, both experienced and novice wet shavers will appreciate the brilliance of the razor’s modern look, crafted in the brilliance of marine-grade stainless steel. The razor feels solid and balanced with its familiar “Sure Grip” handle that inspires confidence through control, even when wet. 

The precisely machined cap, guard and handle disassemble smoothly to accommodate the shaver’s choice of most standard double-edge blades. Reassembled, the blade rests at a medium setting, the equivalent of a “3” on the company’s adjustable “Ambassador” model. 

With each pass, the shaver will notice how the blade glides almost effortlessly, leaving behind a path of groomed, comfortable skin. As with most fixed razor designs, shavers are free to customize the experience through blade selection for a more or less aggressive shave. 

The Envoy double edge safety razor is 100% “Made in the USA” and designed for a lifetime of use. Each features an individual serial number and a manufacturing code that adheres to the classic Gillette® product dating system. This product comes with a lifetime warranty and is designed to be fully compatible with the company’s popular Ambassador Double Edge Razor Case and Ambassador Razor Stand.

Length: 3.5"       87mm
Weight: 3.73oz     106g
Blade Gap: 0.025"


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  • 5
    Better than I hoped

    Posted by Robert Shatzer on 27th Dec 2019

    I've been using a brass Karve with C and D plates predominantly for most of 2019. The Envoy has surpassed it as a daily driver. I've yet to have a bad shave with the Envoy. It is very smooth and very intuitive to get the right angle. Blade gap appears minimal, but this razor is very efficient. Overall, the Envoy is a great value and a joy to use.

  • 5
    REX Envoy

    Posted by Fred Stuart on 25th Dec 2019

    I just purchased an Envoy after owning an Ambassador for a couple years. I didn’t really need the razor but I knew it would be a good shaver. I was not disappointed. It is a top quality product and I’m very glad I bought one.

  • 5
    Envoy By Rex Supply Co.

    Posted by Terry Miller on 22nd Dec 2019

    This Envoy razor has the same outstanding quality of craftsmanship as the Rex Ambassador. Beautifully machined and finished. I've had five shaves with it so far and all have been smooth but extremely efficient. This razor is as aggressive as my skin can handle, but with a light touch, I can get a smooth, irritation free shave. YMMV. Very happy with my purchase, looking forward to many years of great shaves with this Envoy.

  • 5

    Posted by Judd on 22nd Dec 2019

    I had my first shave with this beauty today and all I can say is Wow! Perfectly balanced, incredibly smooth and comfortable shave! This razor holds up to the finest razors I have ever used and probably exceeds them in many ways! Everything from the solid stand to the perfectly shaped head just oozes quality! This has quickly become my favorite razor!

  • 5

    Posted by Dave on 22nd Dec 2019

    First off this razor is beautiful right out of the box. The machining/fit and finish is perfect. It has a look and feel of being indestructible. The knurling is like Velcro to your fingers, there’s no way this razor would slip from your hand no matter how slippery. It has a really nice weight and balance that provides an almost effortless shave. I’ve tried Bic, Personna, and Feather blades so far and it performs equally well with all of them. Definitely an heirloom razor as it will be around for lifetimes to come. I highly highly recommend the Envoy to beginning as well as seasoned wet shavers.

  • 5
    Rex Envoy

    Posted by Frank on 21st Dec 2019

    Wow. The first thing you notice when you open the box is how beautiful this seemingly simple tool is. Then, you pick it up and experience the most grippy handle ever made. And then you use it and feel a shave like you've never felt before. Exceedingly efficient while still being super smooth. This is, without a doubt, one of the best razors available.

  • 5
    Envoy Razor

    Posted by Ricardo Stanziola on 21st Dec 2019

    This razor is a masterpiece, very high quality, pleasant to the touch and performs its work at 100%.

    Totally recommended!

    Thank Razor Emporium for this top quality razor!

  • 5
    A Razor That Checks All The Boxes

    Posted by PAUL M FRANCOLINI on 15th Dec 2019

    I have so many modern and vintage DE razors that vie for my favorite but this razor is so solid and well designed that I could probably be happy using this one razor for the rest of my days. Very tight tolerances, mild to mid aggressive and the grippiest handle knurling. A truly top shelf fine piece of modern workmanship at a mid-range price. Thank you RE!

  • 5
    Envoy is "The One"!

    Posted by Chad Scharver on 11th Dec 2019

    I use a Personna lab blue blade, and it worked exquisitely in this razor. I concur with all previous comments about how great this razor is. It's soooo smooth for it's efficiency. "The One" for me is like Goldilocks saying "just right", but I believe this will be "just right" for the vast majority of people. Now, I haven't tried everything under the sun, but here's what I've worked with in succession:
    1. Edwin Jagger - nice feel, poor blade assignment, and interior zinc metal allow.
    2. Bevel - okay but too mild and safety bar suctions to skin, brass metal is good.
    3. Blackland Dart - excellent craftsmanship, but too aggressive for me.
    4. Rockwell 6S - good shave and it's steel, but very weighty and not nearly as smooth as Envoy
    5. "The One" Envoy

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