Vintage Gillette & More

Vintage Gillette Razors & More 

At Razor Emporium, we treasure the art of a classic shave. Our collection of vintage Gillette razors provides an unparalleled shaving experience, merging timeless craftsmanship with contemporary functionality.

We clean and sanitize every vintage razor so that you can enjoy using your item as soon as it arrives. Feel confident in the safety and performance of every product we provide.

Our vintage Gillette razors don’t just look good; they feel good, too. That’s because we calibrate the razor’s blade angle and exposure. An improperly calibrated razor can lead to an uneven shave and skin irritation, while a well-calibrated razor provides a clean and comfortable shave.

Our selection also includes vintage straight razors, which provide an incredibly close and precise shave. These razors are designed with a single sharp blade that you can resharpen. Although a straight razor shave requires more skill, it offers a level of control and precision that is hard to match with other shaving tools.

Some of the best made razors were made decades ago. We have the equipment and expertise required to completely restore these awesome shavers and deliver them to you in 100% Shave-Ready condition, guaranteed!