Connecticut Yankee Giveaway Draw!

Connecticut Yankee Giveaway Draw!

11th Aug 2015

In 1840, James Baker Williams created his unprecedented William's Genuine Yankee Soap.  This soap's one of a kind puck was made in a traditional fashion with care and pride. With its distinct aroma and comfortable lather, William's soap has maintained a substantial popularity among wet shaving enthusiasts being known far and wide as the standard in shaving soap.

In keeping with Williams' tradition of quality and care, Razor Emporium is proud to announce the release of Connecticut Yankee, the first in our brand new line of Heritage Shave Soap. This remarkable handcrafted Tallow based-blend has a fresh scent of citronella flowers that was inspired by JB Williams' original puck. To celebrate the release of this traditional handmade soap, Razor Emporium in association with The Shave Mug Society will be giving it away to three lucky people!

The three draws will take place this Thursday (8/10) starting at 9PM (EST) in the form of three-trivia-questions. Participation will require joining The Shave Mug Society Facebook page. Click here to visit group page and see official Giveaway Rules. Don't miss this opportunity! Be the first to try Connecticut Yankee Heritage Shave Soap!