New Products from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

New Products from Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements

Posted by Marissa Neel on 20th Dec 2016

Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements' owner/operator Douglas Smythe has a passion for Polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydrid, aka Bakelite!

Douglas Smythe's Bakelite Razor

"Bakelite has such a rich history in the USA where it was born in 1907, created by Leo Baekeland! Did you know during the war effort, we almost minted our pennies in Bakelite, but eventually went with steel?

Pool Balls were even made out of Bakelite, if that tells you anything about durability. Our auto and aviation industries grew up along side Bakelite and we'd probably be 25 years behind if it wasn't for the stuff! The stuff was and is AMAZING and truly has 1000 uses...STILL!"

Bakelite safety razors can be found online, they are in high demand and this can drive up the cost greatly. In addition, buying vintage goods from online auction sites is accompanied with added risks. Inspired by the nostalgia and impressive function of Bakelite, Douglas set out to give the wet shaving community access to these shaving treasures without the risk of vintage or cost of scarcity.

"I approached many different Bakelite Manufacturers all over the world... none of them had ever heard of a Bakelite Razor, much less a Safety Razor and for the life of them couldn't understand why it had to be done in Bakelite when a modern plastic would be cheaper and easier to work with... I remained steadfast. Through much trial and error... we proceeded until we nailed it! My first test shave was BBS, and though bias, possibly the best shave ever!"

Enter: the Phoenix Open Comb Slant Safety Razor, inspired by the Fasan Twist, this razor is a three piece and comes in three different colors (black, white, ox blood.) The razor is 3.25 inches long and weighs 18 grams. Slant razors have become renowned for their smooth shaves and are perfect for anyone suffering from the combination of a coarse beard and sensitive skin. If you haven't already ditch the cartridges, quit the shave club, and pick up this razor today!

Bakelite Slant Razor

Slant Safety Razor BakeliteBakelite safety razor