New Rating Guide

Posted by Marissa on 6th Jan 2014

We've created a new rating guide for Vintage Razors. Check out this page for more info.

Understanding the condition of vintage razors has never been easier. We've created a 5 tiered rating guide that should cover just about any safety or straight razor you come across.


New Old Stock

Original and un-opened packaging as it was manufactured The condition of the razor itself is not in question- in fact sometimes aging has damaged the razor inside of the packaging, yet it still remains un-opened.


Appears as though it just left the factory floor Packaging has been opened but all items are in perfect condition All price tags, instructions, blades, shippers and boxes should be present.


Some packaging materials missing No flaws to the plating or paint- no scratches or marks.


Slight blemishes present Some missing paint or small scratches.


Moderate damage or wear present Mechanically sound, aesthetically flawed.