Razor Collecting Meeting - October 10-11, 2015

Razor Collecting Meeting - October 10-11, 2015

Posted by Matt on 26th Aug 2015

It's that time of year again! The 12th Annual National Shaving Collectibles Meeting is just around the corner! This year's event will be held in West Chester, Ohio. The only meeting of it's kind in America, the National Shaving Collectibles Meeting is the largest and most diverse gathering of collectors, experts and wet shaving enthusiasts. The event offers a remarkable opportunity for those with a passion for wet shaving to share and socialize with others. We encourage any wet shavers, collectors or devotees out their with an interest in safety razors, straight razors, shaving mugs, stropping, razor blades, blade banks, barber bottles or any shaving memorabilia to participate.

This year's meeting will be combined with the National Shaving Mug Collector's Association. It is already set to be the largest event to date. The event will consist of dozens of barber and shaving related items on display for both viewing and purchasing as well as several presentations from experts and collectors. As an added benefit, attendees this year will be treated with key presentations from the following contributors:

Matt Pisarcik - The Gillette NEW Series from the 1930s, including the merger of Gillette with Autostrop

Mike Griffin - Provenance and History of Shaving Mugs

Bob Barna - Honing & Sharpening of Straight Razors

For more information on the meeting or details on reserving tables or acquiring hotel accommodations, please visit razormeeting.com or contact Jerry Rosenthal, quailrunner@cinci.rr.com