The Rare Schick Injector Safety Razor Type F - Art Deco

The Rare Schick Injector Safety Razor Type F - Art Deco

Posted by Marissa Neel on 30th Nov 2016

It's no secret that many shaving companies were bought and sold throughout their golden years including Schick and even Gillette, but few know that the last Schick razor to be manufactured and sold without the accompanied 'Eversharp' name is one of the rarest and most collectible of the Schick line: 

The New Improved Schick Injector Razor Type F

Manufactured from 1940-1941, this unique and beautiful razor that features a solid one piece aluminum alloy handle and brass blade guard. The case is a distinct art deco black plastic box with gorgeous details and durability. It opens into a display holder and includes space for a used blade container. Included was a new brass injector with key and blade loading slider. 

The Magazine Repeating Razor co. began in 1923 when Jacob Schick, a retired US Army Lt. Colonel became inspired by repeating rifles used in WWI. The next few years were busy, in 1921-1929 he applied for five injector razor patents and relocated the company 5 times, eventually selling to the American Chain and Cable Company. He used the proceeds to develop and market his electric dry razor, the Schick Dry Shaver which became successful over the next 15 yrs. Unfortunately, the now owners of the Schick Injector Razor Company (Eversharp) were desperate to end the confusion created by the two Schick razor companies.

Alan Appleby has summarized the Schick/Eversharp name evolution best,

Eversharp seemed to want to rename the Schick Injector Razor... Over the next few years, the name in advertising and on packaging changed to reflect their ownership. The name became Eversharp Schick Injector Razor, with the 'Schick Injector' part getting smaller and printed in a different font and color that emphasized the phrase 'Eversharp Razor.' In fact, the Fashion razor and its cheaper cousin, the Deb, were both marketed with only the Eversharp name on the razor, although the packaging still referred to Eversharp-Schick. 

It would appear that the name Schick was such a part of the product, that a change would not have been a wise marketing decision. Eversharp continued to dabble in putting their name on products like the Lady Eversharp Beauty Razor and the Lady Eversharp Band Razor ... but they never fully re-created the Schick Injector Razor as the 'Eversharp Razor.'

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