What is the BEST Beginner Safety Razor?

What is the BEST Beginner Safety Razor?

Posted by Marissa Neel on 9th Feb 2017

So you want to take advantage of the savings safety razors can bring and start getting smooth close shaves, so where do you start? Read this article and watch the video to help you decide!

3 Pillars of a Good Starter Safety Razor

Ease of Use

You want a razor that is simple to start. Your first shave will require you to create a lather, grain map, hold your 30 angle, maintain equal pressure, and the struggle is real. Don't add to the learning curve with a razor that isn't easy to use.

Moderately Aggressive

Razors come in very mild to very aggressive. This refers to the blade exposure and how forgiving a razor can be towards any mistakes you make in angle or pressure. Stick to the middle of the road and allow your blade to dial up or down the aggression if you need to. When you master angle and pressure you can select a razor that fits your beard's more specific needs.

Universally Well-known

You want a razor that many others have used in case you have any questions along the way! Tons of men and women have started with these razors and are able to seek advice from fellow shavers.


Zinc Alloy vs Brass vs Steel

Zinc Alloy is a common material used in manufacturing modern razors. Think of ice in an ice cube tray, liquid metal is poured into a mold, it hardens quickly, and is chrome plated. This method is affordable and common in mass produced razors. Be careful with these as they tend to be brittle and break easily. We get weekly calls about someone dropping their razor and the cap's threading breaking off.

Stamped Brass razors are very durable and can be adjusted, fixed, and brazed making them future proof and safe against even the most slippery hands. Individual stamped and milled parts mean the value is higher, and production costs are higher. A Gillette Fatboy safety razor would cost hundreds of dollars if manufactured today, thankfully these vintage finds bring incredible value and manufacturing durability.

Stainless Steel razors are becoming more popular with manufacturers and shavers alike. They are individually milled and many are made in the USA. They tend to be heavy, and very well made. Their price reflects this value and may be a bit restrictive to someone testing the waters of wet shaving. 

I have Big Hands, I need a Big Handle!

WRONG! Pencil not paintbrush, forget how you used to shave with a cartridge. Safety Razors do not require added pressure and their handle length has zero to do with their shave performance. If your great grandfather was able to shave properly holding 2 inches with only two or three fingers (maybe using a pinking to stabilize), than you can too!

Meet our picks for Best Beginner Safety Razor:

Merkur 34C/HD Edwin Jagger DE89 Parker 91R Gillette 40's Super Speed
Weight 77g 67g 85g 54g
Handle Length 75mm 85mm 98mm 75mm
Overall Length 83mm 94mm 108mm 83mm
Value $50 $48 $28

Material Zinc Alloy Zinc Alloy Zinc Alloy Stamped Brass

Final Thoughts

So you've got the perfect beginner razor for your face and budget, now what? Try your first shave at night so you aren't rushed and any nicks or irritation can heal/calm overnight. Please let us know if you have any questions, we are here to help you get the most out of your wet shaving experience!