1922 vs 2022 Gillette Razor Shave Experience

1922 vs 2022 Gillette Razor Shave Experience

7th Jan 2022

New Improved Vintage Gillette vs ProGlide Power Gillette Cartridge Razor

This shave was a special first shave of the year, 2022! In some ways it's hard to believe we're already in the second year of the decade. One hundred years ago, Gillette was busy with their "New Improved" Razor that featured 5 Vital Improvements. Some of these were genuine design improvements over their Old Type, and some were fluffer to fill out the patents. Patented design was the mechanism which Gillette used to stay ahead of their competitors, and they still use them today. Both versions of a King G Gillette safety razor can provide a smooth shave, but are safety razors better?

Gillette ProGlide Power features a vibrating function to 'reduce surface tension' and therefore reduce irritation... for some this might be a celebrated addition. For me, the use of 5 subquality blades is what causes irritation, and no lube strip or vibration is enough to make me spend $14 for a disposable razor. 

Enough about me though, here are the other products used during this shave!

Proraso White Anti-Irritation Bundle:

Perma Sharp Blades:

Razor Emporium Best Badger Brush: