Grain Map Tutorial for an Irritation Free Wet Shave

Grain Map Tutorial for an Irritation Free Wet Shave

6th Sep 2018

Grain Mapping... say what?

So you've bought the "best beginner safety razor", you can make a Santa beard lather quickly, and you have enough Double Edge Blades to fill the interior of your bathroom drywall.... but you're still getting that dreaded irritation. Why? What gives?

For most men, the safety razor shave is a process of removing stubble by starting "with the grain." Sounds simple enough, but for many men their beard growth changes direction every inch, some are spirals, and some haven't grown their facial hair for a long enough period to have any idea what is going on down there.

The solution? Download and print our handout to the left, give yourself a week without a shave (yes, a whole week, more if you can allow it!) And watch the video below for a step by step guide to learning your unique grain map! Armed with this tool you will be able to achieve an irritation free shave.