How to Load a Schick Repeating Razor Types A, B, C

17th May 2018

The Repeating Razor

   Injectors were invented by the Schick company who's idea of a semi-automatic razor where you never had to touch the blades propelled them to wet shaving stardom. In 1935, after the Repeating models A, B, and C were manufactured, the Type D was created. This Type D is the first razor where the blade is injected across the guard using a dispenser, key, and plunger. (Interested in learning more? Check out our video on everything Schick!)

     The Types A, B, C make for excellent travel razors because you never need to worry about exposed blades. It's true I've even heard and experienced personally that TSA will let them slide because they aren't aware the blades are stored in the handle. That being said, it's just as easy to throw these razors in your checked bags and not risk losing this vintage piece. The price point allows you some wiggle room as these Repeating razors won't break the bank!


In this tutorial you will learn

  1. How to load a Schick Repeating Razor
  2. How to buy a Schick Repeating Razor in the wild
  3. How to load and mix-match magazines