Injector Safety Razor Wet Shave: Pal vs Schick

Injector Safety Razor Wet Shave: Pal vs Schick

10th May 2018

The Injector Safety Razor

        On our last video and blog post you learned that the Single Edge Safety razor was the first of its kind, this week we're going to show you a later incarnation of this single edge shaving technique that is wonderful for shavers with sensitive skin, ingrown hairs, and/or a super coarse beard: the Injector Safety Razor.

       Injectors were invented by the Schick company who's idea of a semi-automatic razor where you never had to touch the blades propelled them to wet shaving stardom. In 1935, after the Repeating models A, B, and C were manufactured, the Type D was created. This Type D is the first razor where the blade is injected across the guard using a dispenser, key, and plunger. (Interested in learning more? Check out our video on everything Schick!)

         This shave tutorial features Elvado Shaving Soap Pacific Crest Kahuna which is 92% organic, 100% free of animal testing, and scented with essential oils so what's not to love? Also featured is the  Commodore Simpson Brush, a super dense and generous badger brush. There aren't many injector blades to choose from, but we'd still choose this injector (with key) every time! These blades arrive unlabelled but are made by the trusted brand Personna.

In this tutorial you will learn

  1. How to load an Injector Safety Razor (it can be tricky!)
  2. How to adjust your angle for the best injector shave    
  3. How much aftershave balm NOT to use.. hint: 4 pumps