Product Spotlight: Semogue Brushes (Badger and Boar)

Product Spotlight: Semogue Brushes (Badger and Boar)

Posted by Alyssa Avilla on 8th Nov 2019

In this video, we highlight Semogue Brushes. This little family-owned business in Portugal has made quite a splash in the wet-shaving world. Semogue is gaining a reputation for handcrafting "the finest shaving brushes in the world." See if you agree. They have an extensive line of options for the discerning wet shaver.

Badger Brush Highlight: The Semogue Badger Shaving Brush combines pure and super badger hair for the best shaving preparation imaginable.

Boar Brush Highlight: Boar is known for its stiffness - great for those seeking exfoliation and the "scratchy" feeling on your face. It is also an effective latherer, whipping up mounds of white froth. It is great on creams or soaps. This brush will soften over time to give you softer bristles - rather like wearing in a nice pair of leather shoes.

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