Razor Archive Series: Gillette NEW Cruiser Safety Razor

Razor Archive Series: Gillette NEW Cruiser Safety Razor

15th Mar 2019

Gillette NEW 

The Cruiser Safety Razor


Material: Stamped Brass 

Plating: 24K Gold

Common Problems: Hairline Crack in Handle

Rarity Scale: 5 out of 5


The final purist generation of the Gillette Safety Razor Company before being acquired in the 1930's. The NEW maintains the high quality, beautiful leather boxes and silk lined details. The Cruiser is a little known model in the traveller family. 

This gorgeous razor set was a complete set for the man who travels. It includes besides razor and 10 New Gillette Blades, brush and soap in cylindrical containers, and a blade box. A case of genuine leather lined with heavy velvet and satin of Gillette's purple. All containers and razor were plated in 24K gold, definitely the nicest travel kit we can imagine!

The rareness of this set cannot be understated, especially in excellent condition with a portion of the original shipper box! It's these sort of gems we long to discover while out antiquing. They still exist, but competition has increased. Don't be discouraged and share your finds with us!