Single Edge Wet Shaving

Single Edge Wet Shaving

Posted by Marissa Neel on 7th May 2018

The Original Safety Razor

        The original safety razor looked very different from the double edge disposable safety razor of the golden 1950's. The original utilized a miniature straight razor blade, a stropping tool to keep the blade aligned, and a hoe handle for shaving your face. The blades had to be honed regularly but atleast there was a safety guard, this made shaving safer, hence the name: safety razor!

           Kampfe BrothersGemWilkinson SwordEver ReadySchick are all popular single edge brands still being bought and sold today. Although new wedge blades are no longer manufactured you can purchase vintage ones in good condition from online specialty retailers and online auctions. If you have the ability to hone a straight razor these safe versions only require a few tweaks for home honing. If you are unable to hone we can get them Shave Ready with our Straight Razor Restoration service!

               Disposable single edge blades are available online and have a very desirable sturdy feel that is similar to a straight razor. Be aware however, the angle and pressure in order to experience a smooth safe shave will need to be adjusted based on each razor and each shaver. Give yourself a few test strokes and see what adjustments need to be made. Keep in mind, single edge blades are sold at hardware stores for painters and DIYers. These are not the same as sold in our store. Check out the listings to read the differences!  Single Edge Blades