The Benefits of Cold-Water Wet Shaving Explained

The Benefits of Cold-Water Wet Shaving Explained

22nd Apr 2024

For those venturing into the art of wet shaving, you’re likely looking for better results than you had with your old shaving method. Whether you decide to use a classic Gillette safety razor or a simple straight edge, wet shaving has proven to be a great way to achieve the closest shave possible.

However, while modern wet shaving typically has an association with warm water use, cold-water wet shaving might actually be the better method. This is due to the benefits that cold-water wet shaving brings. In this post, we’ll explain those advantages so that you can better decide which water temperature is best for you.

Closer Shave, Cooler Approach

The primary allure of cold-water wet shaving lies in the closeness of the shave it can achieve. Cold water has a unique ability to contract the skin, which can lead to hairs standing up straighter. This will make it easier for your razor to cut hair more precisely, leading to a closer shave. Closer shaves not only leave a cleaner look but also allow for longer intervals between shaving sessions.

Fewer Pass-Throughs Needed

Since the constricted skin allows for a tauter shaving surface with reduced sagging, you won’t need to complete as many strokes for that ideal shave. Fewer passes mean less opportunity for razor burn and ingrown hairs, which are two forms of irritation all shavers dread. Plus, it’ll save you a lot of time, making the shaving process much less cumbersome if you have a busy schedule.

Less Irritation, More Hydration

While fewer pass-throughs will help combat irritation, the cold water will make this problem far less common in general. This is because cold water doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils as warm water can. When you combine cold water with the proper aftershaves and balms, your shave ends on a soothing note instead of a scorching one. This process caters to sensitive skin types and serves as a trusted ally in the battle against post-shave discomfort.

A Great Wake-Me-Up for the Face and Mind

Beyond practicalities, another benefit of cold-water wet shaving is that it can be quite invigorating. It’s like the morning swim you didn’t know you needed. When the day calls for an extra jolt of energy, the brisk sensation of cold water as you lather up and shave becomes a refreshing wake-up call for both your face and mind. While this might feel a bit extreme at first, the more you use cold water for your shaves, the more accustomed to it you’ll become.