Video Recap AZ Wet Shavers Meet Up - Hosted by Razor Emporium & Wet Shaving Products

1st Jun 2022

As many of you know, last Saturday we hosted an Arizona Shavers Meet Up at our Phoenix, AZ shop location. Customers, enthusiasts, as well as fellow artisans & retailers came together to enjoy our shared passion of wet shaving.

At Razor Emporium, we believe in empowering men and women to practice traditional grooming using quality new and vintage shaving supplies. Our business is made up of three core areas, Service, Retail, and Education.

Our service technicians restore, repair, and revamp your treasured shaving items, bringing them back to their original glory. Our downtown Phoenix, AZ lobby allows shavers to experience quality products before buying. And our educational resources are wide and always expanding.

We hope you enjoy us every week for new videos about shaving technique and insider knowledge you can’t get anywhere else. Thanks for watching, and please consider subscribing!


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We were lucky to be joined by Lee & Corey from another wetshaving company in Arizona, Wet Shaving Products! We entered the wetshaving world at similar times and it’s been a joy to watch his company grow. We had a huge turn out and for the first time in nearly a decade I was able to to present the full Razor Emporium collection. Some never before seen prototypes, New Old Stock, and Mint collectors pieces that I get questions about all the time. I really enjoyed being able to share it with other wet shavers that love collecting vintage Gillette as much as me.

The large group got to see our building where I gave a detailed walk through of each workstation. Including our custom printing area, soap station, technician benches, laser engraver, straight razor service area, and finally the plating lab.

My favorite part of the day was the first time I have ever demonstrated plating in our lab. That room has been a large investment of money and time and I am so proud of the scale and automation we have been able to achieve. I walked the tour through Nickel and 24K Gold plating, and it was so awesome to answer questions and watch their reactions.

DJ, our soap maker, then gave a soap making demonstration that attendees could take home. Many people are surprised to hear we make all our soaps, aftershave splashes, and balms in-house. Keep an eye out because we plan to add a lot more in the near future!

And just before we headed to lunch we drew prize winners for the free Raffle. Huge thanks to Edwin Jagger who donated a complete shaving set with leather bag for the giveaway! We had a few surprise winners and hopefully they enjoy the Rex Supply Co, Rhodium Revamp, and Wet Shaving Products Soap Bundle!

Wet shaving is more than a hobby or a chore you have to labor through. We are so lucky to have uncovered a community of diverse individuals, with a broad range of stories and preferences. I know I discovered this way of shaving because I had sensitive skin and terrible irritation after every shave, but it’s grown to be more than shaving for me, and for that I can thank all of you. Cheers and can’t wait for the next one, hope to see you there!