Wet Shaving Tips and Tricks for Sensitive Skin

Wet Shaving Tips and Tricks for Sensitive Skin

8th Mar 2024

Shaving can be like a tightrope act, especially if you have sensitive skin. One wrong move can leave you with razor burns, bumps, and discomfort. However, wet shaving is just as good for your skin as it is for your look. If you’re ready to elevate your shaving game, here are some nifty wet shaving tips for sensitive skin.

Get To Know Your Skin

The first step to a better shave is understanding your skin. Sensitive skin is prone to irritation, but it’s not your skin’s fault. It’s just reactive and needs a little extra love. You might notice redness, tightness, or even a stinging sensation after shaving. Take note of what your skin is telling you, and make changes accordingly.

Change Your Razor

Shaving with the right razor can make a world of difference for people with sensitive skin. You’ll want a razor that’s light on the skin yet easy to control. Cartridge razors are not the best choice for people with sensitive skin. Double-edge shaving razors are the best options. They reduce the risk of the blade tugging or scraping your skin, which can cause irritation. Don’t be lured by the promise of extra-close shaving; it’s all about skin-to-blade compatibility.

Follow the Grain, Not the Pain

The direction of your shaving is crucial for reducing irritation. For example, facial hair grows in multiple directions, and ignoring this fact will not end well. Begin by shaving with the grain; if necessary, you can shave diagonally across the grain on the second pass.

Keep in mind that while going against the grain can be tempting for that smooth finish, it will cause more irritation for your sensitive skin.

Light Hands, Heavy on the Lather

When you’ve got sensitive skin, shaving is all about finesse. Use minimal pressure when shaving, and let the weight of the razor do the work. Also, avoid dragging the razor over the same area repeatedly, and shave in light, short strokes for better control. A smooth pass without pressing too hard will give you the best results. Remember, the goal is hair removal, not skin removal, so be gentle with your skin!

The Golden Rule: Keep it Simple

Another tip for wet shaving with sensitive skin is to steer clear of shave creams and foams packed with fragrances and alcohol. Using these products on sensitive skin is like pouring lemon juice over a paper cut. Instead, opt for a gentle, fragrance-free shaving cream or soap that creates a rich lather. Also, don’t forget to hydrate your skin generously post-shave with a calming, alcohol-free moisturizer.