Essence of Scotland - Scottish Heather Shaving Soap

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A classic we traveled around the world to bring to you! A very unique scent that many in the shaving world have come to love! Check out this review by Mike Sandoval of

Country of Manufacture: Scotland
Type: Shave Soap
Weight: 120g
Color: Amber


More Information

Essence of Scotland by The Gentleman's Groom Room. This is a fantastic glycerin shaving soap specially formulated and custom blended with the main ingredients carefully selected by shaving and male grooming specialist Ian Thomson at The Gentleman's Groom Room. This luxury traditional shaving soap produces an excellent lather when used with a shaving brush. It perfectly prepares the skin for a close and comfortable shave. The product is enriched with conditioning and moisturizing properties, which will ensure the perfect shave.

Enriched and fragranced with Heather, Natural honey, Mixed spices, Sweet orange, Beeswax and Patchouli. This soap has the fragrance of fresh fields of heather.


Review from Shaving 101:

"The Scottish Heather Shaving Soap is one of two fragrances currently offered in the Essence of Scotland range. It is packaged in a plastic screw-top container that is well constructed. Unlike other glycerin soaps that are small and force many wetshavers to melt and pour the puck into a better container for regular use, The Gentleman’s Groom Room soap bowl is large enough to work the shaving brush on the soap to create a suitable lather right in its original container. In addition, the lid provides a nice tight seal to preserve the fragrance of the soap inside.

My first impression opening the container, aside from the noticeably larger size volume of soap than most brands provide, was the unique fragrance. The Scottish Heather soap has a very prominent and complex aroma that is a blend of citrus and with some sweetness and strong herbal notes. The patchouli component is quite strong but not overpowering. While I generally like more subtly scented soaps and this one pushes the upper limit of my personal preference, it is very pleasant and enjoyable and will certainly appeal to men who like a soap that really fills the air with its fragrance.

The soap itself is a dark brown color with visible bits of the various ingredients that make up the formulation. Glycerin soaps are usually smooth and clear, which makes them look synthetic and machine processed, but the TGGREOSSHSS has a much more natural and artisan crafted look to it. It is a nice consistency and is not oily or greasy at all.

Scottish Heather Shaving Soap Scottish Heather Shaving Soap

I tested the lathering capability of the soap with several different shaving brushes ranging from firm to very soft, and none had any issues whipping up a rich and thick lather within a short time. The soap loads easily and volumizes into a smooth creamy texture with ease. During the lathering process, the potent aroma of the soap opens up and fills the room. The lather never appears muddy or greasy like lower quality soaps that are overformulated with clays or oils.

During the shave, Scottish Heather performs respectably. The lather has a nice slick texture that coats the skin well and provides a good level of protection. It has rinsed easily from both my double edge and straight razors and has washed out of the shaving brushes cleanly and without leaving behind any residue. During the initial reduction passes, the soap cut very smoothly; however, towards the end of the shave when cutting against the grain or touching up those tricky spots to get that last remaining stubble, the soap did not provide quite the level of protection that was hoping for.

In conclusion, TGGREOSSHSS receives the following awards:

Longest name of a shaving product
Superior glycerin shaving soap
Great price for several months of shaves
TGGREOSSHSS is a reliable workhorse shaving soap that is cost effective. It is only packaged in one container size and is available from the Razor Emporium for $18.95. For half the cost of a luxury brand hard-milled soap, the 120 gram / 4.2 ounce container is an outstanding value that will provide several months of use. It would be unfair to compare it to my favorite triple-milled hard soaps or Italian soft soaps that have a more luxury performance, but this product is definitely a winner among glycerin soaps. If you enjoy strongly scented products that are different from common lime, sandalwood, rose, etc., The Gentleman’s Groom Room Essence of Scotland Scottish Heather Shaving Soap would be a welcomed addition to your rotation."

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  • 5

    Posted by William Creitz on 23rd May 2017

    Love this soap. Great scent and smooth, creamy lather. Will absolutely purchase this again when my current tub is finished.

  • 3

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jan 2016

    I hoped this would have been the best shave ever. But sadly it was just as thin of a lather as some of the cheap soaps. The smell is great. But you buy soap for the lather it creates to shave, not just the smell of the soap.

  • 4
    Only one complaint

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2014

    Like the shaving review states the close shaves are "close" due to a lack of protection. I found the best way to over come this is a thicker layer of soap to help create a better barrier for the skin and less pressure. I am on a budget and it is hard to buy ever soap until I get the right shave.

  • 5
    very nice

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Aug 2014

    First time trying this product. Like the smell. The lather and shave characteristics are wonderful

  • 5

    Posted by Nick on 1st Apr 2014

    Just started using it a few weeks ago, and it's been great. Has a very good smell, could be overpowering if you didn't like it, but I certainly do so I don't mind.

  • 4
    Earthy and manly, with a touch of citrus..

    Posted by Cory Brown on 24th Feb 2014

    I was looking for something different to add to my selection of soaps and Scottish Heather seems to fill the space as neatly as a hand in a glove. Since making my own bay rum aftershave with hints of orange, I've come to detect even the slightest hint of it in other things. This earthy scent tainted with a modest amount of patchouli seems to perfectly balance the woods with a light, fresh citrus effect. It certainly reminds me of the short time I'd spent in Scotland hiking.

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