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The Red Tip from Gillette is a Twist to Open (TTO) Double Edge Razor that allows convenient loading of blades and aggressive shaves so you get a BBS smooth face everytime! The Red Tip Super Speed is a very popular Gillette razor because of its mechanical design, heft, durability, and classic 50's appeal. The Red Tip is a wonderful shaver that no man with coarse hair should miss out on.

The Gillette Red Tip Super Speed was manufcatured during 1955-1960.

Manufactured: USA
Original Finish: Nickel
Weight: 65g
Handle Length: 84mm


We get questions frequently asking if a particular razor they are bidding on through Ebay would be a good candidate for a Revamp. It's impossible to guarantee our analysis is accurate without having the razor in our hands, so we created a solution! Forget the risk of buying online, paying shipping, shipping the razor to us, paying for service work, waiting an additional 4-6 weeks, only to receive the razor back and be disappointed because it wasn't a perfect candidate to begin with.


Our 'Made to Order' service allows you to purchase razors that we have already inspected, vetted, and guarantee! Pick the razor model and precious metal of your choosing and your Revamped razor will be shipped in no more than 7-10 days!

If you have a preference in Date Codes we will do our best to secure them, however cannot guarantee the date code will be available.

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  • 5
    Nicely Done!

    Posted by Bryan Bull on 16th Aug 2019

    My 1955 A4 Gillette Red Tip in Rhodium from Razor Emporium has become my goto and favorite shaver in my razor inventory. The restoration is flawless, finish and function. Just pair it with the right DE blade and you get the best shave every time. Many thanks to Matt and the RE team for a job well done!

  • 5
    Same aggressive shave.

    Posted by Peter Brown on 11th Aug 2019

    Just like the one I used for my first shave as a teen.

  • 5
    Gillette Red Tip Super Speed Razor - M.T.O.

    Posted by Scott Schelle on 24th Jun 2019

    This razor looked so good upon receipt that I doubt it looked as good at retail 50 years ago.

    It's a great shave, aggressive but so close!

  • 4
    Beautiful but stiff.

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Mar 2019

    Razor received was beautiful but very stiff and squeaky. TTO operation was not smooth. That being said, I still love the razor.

  • 5
    Better than new.

    Posted by Patrick Durbin on 8th Dec 2018

    Received my "made to order" in rhodium. I didn't like the original painted tip because it was chipped. So, I had mine plated in rose gold on the tip and doors. They pay attention to detail on each piece they process. Unlike an assembly line. So their products come out better than new.

  • 5
    WOW !

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jun 2018

    When this razor arrived, and i had it holding in my hands , i couldn't believe the workmanship done on it. I saw no imperfections whatsoever, the plating is fantastic , the red tip paint looks durable. The opening mechanism is smooth . This razor is probably better than when it was originally manufactured.

  • 5
    Perfection, again!

    Posted by Mark Gonzalez on 4th Jan 2018

    My red tip super speed is the second made to order razor I have purchased from Razor Emporium. Just like my first one, it's better than new! I chose the rhodium finish. It is superb! The red painted tip is also perfect! Matt and the team have hit another home run!

  • 5

    Posted by Taylor on 25th Dec 2017

    My wife bought me this razor in nickel for Christmas, i had to give it a shot right away, it shaved so smooth i couldn’t even feel it, i questioned whether i actually put a blade in. It’s the closest shave I’ve gotten, so smooth, no bumps or any irritation whatsoever. I absolutely love this razor! I shave Gillette platinum blades. Phoenix shaving soap and aftershave, poraso pre/post green.

  • 5
    Awesome Red Tip Revamp Razor

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Nov 2017

    Wow! Razoremporium knocked it out of the park! Finish and performance are perfect - just like the day it left the factory in 1955. Even the paint on the red tip was repaired, with an updated durable paint! Just love it. Used the made to order service, so it was no hassle and I knew the finished product would be mint. Communication was excellent through the entire 3 week process, and I received my razor on time as promised. I would recommend Razoremprium to anyone. I was purchase more razors from razor emporium in the future. It saves time over hunting on ebay, and pricing is competitive.

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