Kai Stainless Steel Double Edge (DE) Razor Blades

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Kai Double Edge Razor Blades are made from high quality, medical grade stainless steel. These blades are hard to find, but are the sharpest blades available. Kai Double Edge Razor Blades allow for closeness and consistency. Made in Japan

Each Package contains 5 blades. 

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bladefull20934028309482.jpgbladefull20934028309482.jpgbladefull20934028309482.jpgbladefull20934028309482.jpgbladefull20934028309482.jpg= very sharp   bladefull20934028309482.jpg = very mild

Shaving 101 Review:

Kai is a lesser known blade produced in Japan. Although most people consider the Feather synonymous with Japanese quality, the Kai blade is equally as impressive in many aspects.  Kai blades have very well polished cutting edge that shaves very comfortably but without the overly aggressive and harsh sharpness that Feathers are often known for.  The metal structure of the Kai is different from many other double edge blades in that it constructed of slightly thicker gauge steel with no stamps or markings anywhere on the blade itself.  Although slightly more forgiving in sharpness, the Kai still has a fine cutting edge and like the Feather, requires adequate preparation of the beard, and is best suited for an experienced wet shaver.


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  • 4
    Kai DE blade

    Posted by Blake A on 20th Jun 2020

    I ordered a sample pack, which included the Kai blade. Very close shave, and I can get three great shaves per blade.

  • 5
    My GO TO Blades

    Posted by Tim in AZ on 2nd Feb 2020

    I absolutely Love these blades! They are just the right combination of sharpness, and longevity. I used to use the Merkur blades almost exclusively but these quickly became my favourite. Be careful if you have a sensitive face though. These are Seriously Sharp!!!

  • 4
    Like them

    Posted by Keith Schulien on 14th Feb 2016

    I find these blades to be all that I need for my every other day of shaving.

  • 4
    the best blades I ever tried!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Nov 2014

    Very good blades! I perfectly agree with Shaving 101 review: if you don't have a really hard beard, kai blades are better than Feather (and better of all other blades I ever tried, too).

  • 4
    Nice but not for me.

    Posted by Johnny P. on 29th Aug 2014

    I would say others comments about this being more comfortable/smoother than a Feather might be correct. Although I got a really nice shave with the Kai DE blades, I don't believe it will replace my Personna Med Prep blades.

    The one thing I really like about theses blades as I do with my Med Preps, is that they do not use any glue/wax on the paper. Now my question is, if Personna and Kai can wrap the blades without wax, why can't the rest of them do it.

    Would I buy this blade again, yes I would. I would probably rate this blade #3 right behind my Med Preps and the Polsilver Platinum.

  • 4
    Very sharp blade

    Posted by AG on 17th Mar 2014

    The only comparison I have is Wilkinson Sword, which I have been using for the past year. I've had Some good shaves, but often they feel rough, and often leave me with terrible irritation either side of my neck. Of course this may have been down to my preparation and technique.

    The Kai's are different. It's a more pleasant shave, the blades are super sharp, and I approached my first shave with nervous excitement. Time will tell, I don't think they will be five star, but they are very good.

    I'll use them often, but I think I'll still search for the five star shaving razor blade.

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