Mugs, Stands & Bowls

Shaving Bowls and Mugs

Ready to step up your shaving game? You can now do so with Razor Emporium’s top-notch selection of shaving bowls and mugs, specifically designed for the discerning wet shaving aficionado. Crafted with precision and meant to last, our elegant assortment adds a dash of luxury to your daily ritual. With one of our vintage shaving bowls, you can whip up a creamy lather in no time. That’s because our shaving bowls and mugs will make it easier to get the product-to-water ratio dialed in perfectly. Plus, these products are great for keeping your lather warm or making extra for multiple passes with the razor.

And when you’ve finished your shave, safely store your brush and razor on an antique shaving stand to dry while keeping the counter clean and tidy. With our sophisticated razor and brush holders, you’ll be able to keep your gear in peak condition. Whether you’re a grooming guru or just starting on the wet shaving path, our products promise not only function but a nod to the tradition of classic grooming. Trust us to equip your counter with the essentials that celebrate the art of the perfect shave every single day.