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 Available are single edge (SE) blades for Pal and like safety razors. Top quality, blued carbon steel blades made in USA by the American Safety Razor Co (Personna). Sharp and smooth, these are superb single-edge blades.

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    Outstanding Performance

    Posted by Mark Booth on 3rd Dec 2017

    While the Stainless PTFE version may have a little less perceived blade feel I find my daily go to are still these carbon steel blades. They tackle my course beard hairs best simply giving me a closer shave. In my opinion, the key to using a very traditional carbon steel blade is to go a little slower with the blade stroke and I use a little more pressure in areas that allow. I have several Ever Ready and Gems and most recently the Blackland Sabre Level-2 Razor.

    Your results may vary, but these blades shave more like my straight razors with the final outcome being amazingly smooth with closeness — I like to evaluate my shaves about 4-hours after the actual shave for how irritation free and close the feel.

    Give these blades sometime before judging for they do have a difference in performance and feel compared to the highly coated blades may of us are accustom to.

    Equivalents: For those who shoot guns, these carbon steel blades are a larger calibre with more grain in the bullet (it can be felt in recoil) and initially it takes some getting use to compared to the smaller bullet. Both small and large have their place but allow some time to get use to them and I think you’ll grow to enjoy!

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    Not very sharp

    Posted by John on 6th Jul 2017

    These blades are not nearly as good as Gem blades. They are very uncomfortable and perform poorly in my Gem G bar razor

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    Tug my stubble

    Posted by Raul Roman on 16th Apr 2016

    Definitely, these Pal blades are not for me, felt uncomfortable and tugging. I followed the same ceremony and procedure using my soaps and brush, softening my stubble... not for me. Otherwise the GEM blades work much better. I know, YMMV.
    Thanks to Razor Emporium for the prompt delivery and service.

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