Straight Razor Beginner Wet Shave Kit - Options For Every Budget!

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These kits are perfect for those who have always wanted to try straight razor/ traditional wet shaving but were not certain of where to start. Each kit includes a Shave Ready straight edge finished on a 20K grit stone (smooth as glass) and a strop to maintain this edge.

We understand it can be overwhelming seeing so many varieties of shaving supplies out there. That is why we have gathered the perfect shave kit made for those who may be new or returning to the world of wet shaving or upgrading from a safety razor. Wet shaving is the answer to so many struggling with the high cost of cartridge razors, or the cheap painful shaves from shaver clubs like dollar shave club.

If you would like to make any substitutions/upgrades please call and speak with our team! 855-264-1199

Kits Include: 

  1. Give it a Try 2. The Essentials 3. Most Recommended
Straight Razor Shave Ready 208 Gold Dollar Shave Ready 208 Gold Dollar Shave Ready 208 Gold Dollar
Strop  RE Travel Strop RE 3" Maroon Latigo or English Bridle & Canvas Strop RE 3" Maroon Latigo or English Bridle & Canvas Strop
Brush Omega Boar Travel Omega Boar Razor Emporium Pure Black Badger
Shaving Cream Proraso Travel Sample Arko Cool Shaving Cream Proraso Green Shaving Cream
Lather Bowl Chrome Bowl Chrome Bowl Chrome Bowl
Stand n/a Brush Plastic Stand Brush and Razor Stand - Steel
Nick Solutions n/a n/a Styptic Pencil

The Brushes


Left: Omega Boar Travel

Boar whips up a lather quickly and easily. This brush is great for travel use and trying out wets having! Length: 76mm

Middle: Omega Boar

Boar hair whips up a lather quickly and easily. Stiff bristles are great for exfoliation. Length: 126 mm

Right: Razor Emporium Pure Badger

Pure Black Badger is the most luxurious of the shaving brushes. Soft badger hair is great
for all skin types and builds a lather quickly! Length: 107 mm





The Soaps 

Left: Proraso Travel Samples

Classic barbershop scent, easy to lather shaving cream, pre-cream for extra glide, and anti-irritation aftershave balm. Volume: 10 ml

Middle: Arko Cool

Classic barbershop scent, easy to lather shaving cream, enough to last several months. Volume: 94ml

Right: Proraso Green Shaving Cream

Classic barbershop scent, easy to lather shaving cream, enough to last many months,
highly recommended by shavers everywhere. Volume: 150 ml



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  • 4

    Posted by Sébastien Côté on 24th May 2019

    I cant compate with other products, its my first time but im really sastify with this one. Thank You!

  • 4
    Beginner kit

    Posted by Mike on 10th May 2019

    Product shipped fast. Nicely packaged. Got a twizzler too :)

    Razor was sharp, I stropped anyway to be sure. Works well!

  • 5
    First time straight user

    Posted by Ron Horvath on 22nd Mar 2019

    Ive been wanting to get into straight razor shaving for about a year or so. Ive watched hundreds of videos. Found razor emporium and sen they offered the beginer set. I purchased it and tried it out and love it. The shave cream i wasmt a fan of the scent but it works. And the boars brush is nice, however i purchased a badger brush to use instead. The razor itself came ready to shave just as advertised. Did a 2 pass shave and it was the closest shave ive ever had. The pre shave is amazing. If new to the game i advise to also purchase a styptic pencil too. At some point you will need it. Just take your time and go slow

  • 3
    not exactly as advertised

    Posted by Larry r Hendrix on 12th Mar 2019

    is that advertised as shave ready right out the box. my first shave with was very uncomfortable it pulled and tugged at my beard hairs. but after a little while on the strop it was usable.

  • 3
    So So

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Aug 2018

    Don’t believe I received the Gold Dollar razor, and definitely not shave ready. Visible rust on the razor and nicks in the edge when looking through 10X loupe.

  • 5
    Nice kit to get your feet wet

    Posted by Bryan Goodman on 19th Jun 2018

    I ordered my DE starter kit from Razor Emporium and wanted to give a straight razor a try. Because I had most of the items already (bowl, soap, brush, etc), I decided on the Give It A Try kit. Matt was kind enough to swap out one of the items because I already had one of them. Great Customer Service on his part! I've only used the razor a few times on the weekend, but I was very pleased with the razor. I can assure you that mine came shave ready.

  • 2
    Not impressed

    Posted by JJ on 27th Apr 2018

    Was a little disappointed in the handle of the blade, not as solid as I had hoped and the blade itself had grinder marks up and down the bottom edge. The holder falls short seeing as the blade falls out regularly sometimes opening as it does. I was hoping for one the closed loops with a small heel holder that keeps it in place and not sliding on my counter. Also a sample of the pre/post woild have been nice as well.The brush was nice in their defense.

  • 5
    Excellent kit and service

    Posted by Colin on 1st Apr 2018

    I bought the “give it a try” set. I am impressed with the quality I received. The razor is nice, the samples are great. I went ahead and ordered a full tube of cream, and razor emporium actually called to let me know it was out of stock and let me substitute. I definitely recommend this kit!

  • 4
    Good set

    Posted by Jesse Barela on 27th Mar 2018

    For someone who wants to get into straight shaving this is good introduction to it, the pre lather , shaving balm and after shave cream all complement each other and your skin very well. The only thing is my straight razor didn't come shave ready and I had to strop it but other than that great kit.

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