Voskhod Teflon Coated Double Edge (DE) Blades

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Experienced traditional wet shavers know that Russian DE blades are some of the very best in the world. Russian blades are world renowned for their high quality and sharpness.

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bladefull20934028309482.jpgbladefull20934028309482.jpgbladefull20934028309482.jpgbladefull20934028309482.jpgbladefull20934028309482.jpg= very sharp   bladefull20934028309482.jpg = very mild

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  • 3

    Posted by CHENG PIN HU on 11th Mar 2021

    Just tried this with my DE89 and I have to say that it should be a 2 instead of 3 on sharpness, I not an expert but I have these with the sample pack and I have tried from mild and up, so far I'm at 3 and I think Astra Green are better than this. It left some spots uncut even after several passes, at the end just felt uncomfortable.

  • 2
    Worst blades I have tried.

    Posted by Jim on 25th Dec 2020

    After reading many positive reviews about these blades I thought I'd try some. However, they gave me a very uncomfortable shave, it felt like the blade was tugging and pulling. I had to stop mid shave and switched back to my Astra SP's. Maybe I had a bad blade, so I will try again, but I am disappointed with these.

  • 4
    Part of my rotation

    Posted by Tobin Fetters on 3rd May 2020

    I love these razors, they're part of my rotation about five other blades. I can get two to four BBS shaves out of every blade.

  • 1
    Voskhod: Teflon Face Terror

    Posted by Gabe on 27th Jan 2020

    I believe the Voskhod blade might pull more hairs out of my face than it actually cuts. I've tried several blades a couple times with the same results. Maybe I got a bad package? Obviously, "results may vary" but I dread shaving with his razor again.

  • 5
    A second thought on Voskhods DE Blades.

    Posted by Michael Pressman on 9th Sep 2019

    I am delighted with the Voskhods , but I should point out , in order to get a close shave with any blade , you MUST try use of a PRESHAVE as a base from the get go!

  • 5
    Voskhod DE Blades from Russia - Reviewed

    Posted by Michael Pressman on 8th Sep 2019

    As a new wet shaver , I have tried many DE blades already. I have a baby soft face & " barbed wire " bead. A bad combination but I found the Voskhods to be heavenly! Regret I can only give 5 stars as they are more than satisfactory, They are sharp and smooth and for me are " off the charts ". The only way to know for sure is to try many different DE blades.Your search is ahead of you.

  • 3
    Voskhod Blade

    Posted by Alex Prieto on 1st Aug 2019

    A good blade but felt a little dull for me when using my Rockwell 6C.

  • 4
    Smooth Shave

    Posted by Dusty on 24th May 2019

    Voskhod provides a smooth shave without irritation. Russian blades (the other being Ladas) have been my favorites. As with any other blade I use, I replace after two shaves. For me it's better to replace too early than too late!

  • 5
    Smooth and Sharp

    Posted by Fern on 14th Mar 2019

    In one sentence, I recommend the Voskhod blades. If you want to know more read on.
    The Voskhod (made in Russia) blades are sharp yet at the same time smooth. Prior to using these blades I have used Feather (made in Japan) blades, Red Personna (made in Israel), and Treet (made in Pakistan) blades.
    The Voskhods are in my opinion very similar to the Red Personna blades, both are sharp and smooth. The Feathers are extremely sharp and if technique is not up to par, then you will get weepers and irritation. The Treets are the worst of the blades I have tried, gave me irritation and pulled on the beard hairs before cutting, they are neither sharp nor smooth.

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