Welcome to the New Site!

2nd Jan 2014

Welcome to the New Razor Emporium. You'll notice our site has changed but our selection and services have only improved.

For returning customers: 

1) All old accounts / order records are still on our servers, just not publicly viewable. You will have to create a new account on this new system as we have moved to entire new web store system, not just done a facelift. If you need access to an old record / order detail, please just email us at and we can accommodate you. 

2) All pending order statuses for our REVAMP customers will continue to be updated manually- expect emails from us with where your razor is at in the processes. 

3) Please enjoy the new site and let us know any suggestions / feedback you may have. 

Thanks and welcome!!

We are thrilled to be your choice for razor restoration services, wet shave supplies, traditional shave kits, safety razor education, and straight razor sharpening services!