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Razor Archive Series: Gillette New Improved Tuckaway Safety Razor

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Gillette New Improved 

Tuckaway Safety Razor


Material: Stamped Brass

Plating: Gold & Silver

Common Problems: Hairline Crack in Handle

Rarity Scale: 3 out of 5

             The Gillette Tuckaway is a hard to find razor that comes with a gorgeous case, and if you are lucky enough, exceptional packaging. This era of Gillette has an old world quality that makes even the most clueless antique shopper stop and take notice. The chain etched details on the case, the diamond knurling, the bank note reminiscent printing are all beautiful details. 

             When this set came out in the 1920's Gillette hoped business men and travellers would appreciate the compact size, flat lay design, and impressive finishings. Imagine being in a train car with fellow business men and you pull out a gold plated, shining, new and improved Gillette razor. Your colleagues were sure to take notice!

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