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Razor Archive Series: Gillette Old Type & New Improved Big Fellow Safety Razor

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Razor Archive

Gillette Old Type & New Improved

Big Fellow Safety Razor


Weight: 82g 2.89oz

Handle Length: 3 7/8"

Material: Stamped Brass

Plating: Silver, Gold

Common Problems: Bent Teeth, hairline cracks in handle, patina

Rarity Scale: 3.5 out of 5

The Gillette Big Fellow marks a unique time in the world's history, and Gillette being the prime example of an opportunistic marketer decided to capitalize. World War I has ended and soldiers are returning home to an economy that is on fire with production, but desperate for workers. The casualties from WWI have created a demand and blue collar positions were paying top dollar. This created a booming middle class and finally these workers were able to have discretionary income.

The marketing of the Big Fellow is clear, real men need a real razor. This is the largest, heaviest, no frills set Gillette ever produced and is still in high demand with collectors today! Watch the video below to learn more!

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