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Rex Supply Co. Ambassador Adjustable Stainless Steel DE Razor



Our experience with razors has inspired a desire to create the best razor possible. We have used the highest marine-grade stainless steel that is corrosion resistant and so advanced it requires specialized machining. We have continued the Gillette date code system (2017 = M) and have included serial numbers for quality control and product registration. We have put years of passion into designing the best razor so you can have the best shaving experience.

Shaving with an Ambassador is smooth and efficient - it's very easy to find the right blade angle. And because it's infinitely adjustable, getting the perfect shave is just a matter of turning the dial up or down for a closer or more mild shave. The weight is hefty and balanced right below the adjustment dial - perfect for letting the razor do the work. The Sure Grip knurled handle makes holding onto this razor easy and comfortable - especially in wet conditions. 


  • Lifetime warranty 
  • 100% Made in USA
  • 316L Stainless Steel, Brushed finish
  • Infinitely Adjustable blade gap
  • Individually Serial Numbered
  • Date Code in-line with Gillette system

Length: 3.5"       87mm
Weight: 3.73oz     106g





Rex Supply Co. Ambassador Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor 09:52

Thank you for your interest in the Rex Supply Co. Ambassador Safety Razor. We are proud to have made the first stainless steel, mechanically adjustable, American made safety razor- ever. -Made in USA -316L Marine-Grade Stainless Steel -Infinitely Adjustable Shave -Individually Serial Numbered -Date Code in-line with Gillette system For more information or to purchase visit: The Ambassador’s namesake is no accident, chosen to serve and promote the Rex experience. It is our aim that the Ambassador serves you for life, and is representative of the demanding quality standards gained from years of servicing razors from the golden era of American manufacturing. It has been said that perfection is unobtainable, but chasing perfection allows you to catch excellence. With that, we ask you to keep your eyes open for a full line of vintage inspired grooming accessories that respect and revive the art of traditional shaving for the modern man. We hope you enjoy the unboxing and video instructions, please let us know if you have any questions and subscribe for new Rex Supply Co videos!

  • Rex Supply Co....
    Thank you for your interest in the Rex Supply Co. Ambassador S...


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  1. Love it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jun 2018

    Just gone mine with a N2 serial number, this thing is a beauty and shaves as good as it looks. The finish is very good, not shiny and not completely dull finish. As far as the shavin, very smooth got a very close shave with no irritation by stopping down on the aggression with each pass. It’s not pricey in my opinion it’s paying a premium for a premium product. I am happy I went for it.

  2. Excellent Razor!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th May 2018

    When I first got my Rex razor about 3 weeks ago, I was a bit disappointed as I got some irritation. I stuck with it and got it dialed in to where I dont get any irritation on my neck area anymore. What I have found is this razor requires good technique just like other razors but to get that amazing shave you need to pay close attention to what your doing. Once you get familiar with this razor, you will get the best shaves you have ever had!

    I found for my shaves, a feather blade at a setting of 4 WTG and 2-3 ATG with a final cleanup/blade buff at 1-2 is my method if I want BBS. Matt is right. This razor will show the truth in your blades more then any other razor. When I got irritation I tried different settings, different angles, and all types of methods. Once I changed my blade that I normally use (Gillette Silver Blues) to a feather, that’s when the razor performed outstanding! I could dial in a smooth yet efficient shave with the sharpness of a feather to back it up. Speaking of blade buffing. I don’t really do it that much but this razor buffs extremely well with no irritation. The rounded edges on the guard make it real nice to go back and forth with it and it doesn’t skip or catch the skin at all.

    The weight of this razor is heavy’s very well balanced. You need to pay attention to this weight as the wrong angle combined with the weight can cause either a skipping or a dragging feel to it. The wrong angle will intensify the bad effects of how the razor glides over the face as the weight will either assist or mess with your shave. It’s not hard to find the angle. You just need to pay attention with to it during your shaves. Once you find it and maintain it your good to go.

    The blade loading is real nice! It locks in and I get no chatter. Only thing I don’t like is the grooves in the head lock the blade so tight that you have to pry it out after your done with either your finger nail or a small tool. Something to keep in mind as I’m careful trying not to cut myself when I disassemble my razor for it to dry. I found loading the blade by setting it on the tray and then screwing the cap on to be the safest and easiest method. The other way to do it would be to push the blade into the groves and then screwing the handle down to lock the cap in. I find this method to be a bit dangerous as I feel if I slip while pushing the blade down into the cap grooves, I’m gonna cut myself.

    The quality and the make of this razor is by far the best I have EVER seen. The laser engraving is super nice. I kinda wish the numbers were a tad bit darker on the collar but it’s nothing major. The smooth curves and lines along with the finish and balance is truly remarkable. When you pick this razor up, it feels very solid and high quality. I can understand why I paid so much for it. Someone took some serious time into making this razor.

    Knurling and the handle are perfect. The knurling is very sticky to the hands and the length of the handle is perfect. I don’t like long handles as they get in the way when I’m shaving. I also like how the knurling pattern is different on the collar piece and the bottom handle end. It helps with muscle memory differentiate what part of the razor mechanisms your working with.

    The head has a nice slim design so troublesome areas like under the nose are easy to get to. The head also doesn’t have blade overhang to it so no sharp edges stick out of it! Very good head and the cap is nice. The 2 long posts to keep the blade in are super nice. When you tighten the cap to the blade tray with a blade loaded, you will hear a clicking/creeking sound (kinda like loading a slant razor) as the tolerances for the blade alignment are super tight. Once you thread the handle down all the way, the blade gap is spot on and the blade isn’t going anywhere. It’s ridiculous how tight the blade sits in the head. I like it though. Provides consistent results when shaving. There isn’t a quarter turn lock feel to it like a fatboy. I like how it just threads in and stays put.

    The collar is easy to adjust on the fly. No opening doors or loosening anything. Just turn the collar to whatever setting you want and go. I have the N1 version and the collar is definitely not adjusting during my shave. It’s easy to adjust when you want to but impossible to adjust while shaving. You have to physically grab the collar with 2 fingers to adjust it. If you try to just drag your finger across the dial it won’t move. It’s the perfect tension for the collar mechanism! Only concern I had was a small cosmetic spot that appears to be from the laser engraving on the collar next to the number 6. But no problem! It’s cosmetic and Matt stood by the lifetime warranty they offer. He was willing to buff out the small spot I noticed at no cost or swap my razor out no questions asked. Outstanding customer service! I’m holding on to it though as they are busy pumping these razors out and I love it so much I don’t wanna give it up yet haha!

    The threads on the bottom handle are super smooth. No grinding or sloppy or cheap feel to it. If your a mechanic you would understand what a good vs bad thread feels like. It’s smooth to tighten down and loosen up.

    The razor is NOT aggressive at all but it’s very efficient! I like aggressive razors and at first I thought the Rex was mild because I didn’t get that “bite” like you would from like an R41. It’s just as efficient as an R41 but it’s no where near as aggressive. I tried the Rex wide open at 6 and it mowed down my facial hair very good on the first pass. Didn’t get any irritation but my face felt very raw. So I dialed it back down to 4 and it feels much better. It’s nice to know that I can crank it up if I need to shave a thick beard! Very versatile settings for all different situations!

    I love the way you can infinitely choose what setting you want from .5-6. Sometimes a small bump up can make a good difference in certain areas you need a bit more efficiency. For example...I bump up to 4.5 around my chin and neck. Helps conquer the facial growth that’s all over the place in those areas.

    Overall I really love this razor! Just had a bit of a learning curve to it and took sometime to understand it fully. Some tips for anyone having a hard time. Try new blades that you normally don’t use and be open to switch up your normal blade. Light touch and let the weight of the razor guide it in its downward motion. Pay attention to your angle of attack. Don’t shave fast with it. Short to medium strokes with confidence and it will glide over your face. Don’t be fooled that this razor is mild due to its smoothness. It’s not’s efficient so start low and work your way up. It’s not like a fatboy where the lower settings are unusable. Every setting has a purpose so take the time to learn what works best for you. If you have any questions or concerns, Matt is here to help and he always responded to all my long emails I sent to him haha!

    It’s a fun razor to use and if you follow good technique and stick with it, you will get your best shaves with this!

    Highly recommend this razor for someone looking to step their game up or for a seasoned wet shaver. Don’t recommend it for new wet shavers as I feel you really need to know what your doing or it will disappoint the end user as it’s an expensive razor to start out with and you still have to drive the Ferrari in a straight line. Start with something a bit more forgiving and focus on technique. Once you got that dialed down then I recommend you head on over to the Rex club lol!! You won’t be disappointed!

    Thanks Matt for the great product and good support after my purchase!

  3. All Problems Fixed 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st May 2018

    This is actually my second Rex Ambassador review. I purchased a first run M series last year. There were some fit, finish and functionality issues but those were rectified as best as possible by Matt and team. The M series became a great razor.

    Now we are in a new year and we have a new series - the N series. They are following the Gillette system of date codes for these.

    The newest incarnation improve upon the original in a couple of important ways. The fit and finish are now perfect out of the gate. More importantly, though, they have fixed the issues some of us had with the safety bar "canting" (look up what canting is) and they have also made the adjustment dial slightly harder to turn. That is a good thing, actually. While I never personally had any issues with accidentally dialing a different number up while shaving, some people did so they made it harder to accidentally change the setting.

    All in all this is a fabulous razor, and one of my favorites to use. Personally I can't wait to see if they change anything next year for the "O" series. Though I'd be hard pressed to think of something that needs to change.

  4. Great Razor 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th May 2018

    An excellently made adjustable razor! It is even made right here in the USA! My first time using this razor I was able to dial in quickly for one of the best head shaves I have ever had. The quality is such that I believe it will last way past my lifetime. If you care about good quality, American made, and great functionality then this is the razor for you!

  5. Best Razor For Me 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th May 2018

    I have rosacea and sensitive skin. I am 73 years old and have many wrinkles. I noticed that the shaving reviews on U-Tube mostly had men with smooth skin. I started wet shaving around 1966 when I was told that I would not be able to use an electric razor at Marine OCS. I started using a Gillette Slim Adjustable with Gillette Blue Blades. I later started using the Gillette cartridge razors and my face was often irritated by the shaves. In fairness, part of my problem probably with the cartridges could have been that I tried to eke out too many shaves per cartridge.

    I started looking at shaving on rosacea forums, and decided to go back to using a double-edge razor. I started with the Muhle R89 Grande in December 2016. It gave a good shave, but I found that I had a problem getting a close shave on my left jawline area, and to a lesser extent, my right jawline and neck. I used Gillette Platinum blades and Personna Lab Blues. I found little difference between them, though I slightly favored the Personna. I had been using the Williams Mug Shaving Soap since the 1970s, and, even after trying other shaving soaps, have always gravitated back to Williams. I prefer the tallow-based soap and use the WSP Formula-T when I travel for convenience. I use a lathering bowl and silvertip badger brushes.. I use a pre-shave based on a formula that is rosacea friendly, and use Nivea aftershave balm for sensitive skin and Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer for sensitive skin. I have been cold water shaving since June 2017

    I tried using Ikon X3 and 102 slant razors, but these cut my upper lip, gave me more irritation and, although it would give me a smoother shave in the jaw line, it was not as smooth as I would like unless I was willing to have more irritation. The neck area also presented a problem with getting a close shave.

    I purchased a Gillette Slim from Razor Emporium in June 2017, so I know that the Slim was restored to factory specs. It shaved very well at a “4” settingfor most of my face, although I would increase it to a “5” or “6” for touchups. After shaving, I would put on the Nivea, and could feel where there was stubble remaining, usually on the left jawline, and, to a lesser extent, on my neck and right jawline. Reapplying lather and using a setting of “5” or “6” would usually take care of the right Jawline and neck, although there would be some irritation. I would then apply the Neutrogena, and this would reveal any additional stubble, which would usually be on the left jawline. I would lather the area and put the Slim on a “9” setting and lightly go over the area. I would get a smooth shave, but would have irritation on the left jawline, and to a lesser extent, on the right jawline and parts of the neck.

    I purchased the Rex Ambassador, and received it on April 9, 2018. I used it exclusively until May 4, 2018 to get used to it. I then shaved two days (May 5 and 6) with the Slim to compare, and intended to shave for a couple of weeks alternating the razors on a daily basis (but using the same blade to be able to make a valid comparison. I shaved with the Rex today (May 7), and the difference was so noticeable that I will stay with the Rex from now on. I was going to use the Slim as a travel razor, but I will stay with the Rex.

    I set the Rex to where the red dot is just on the right side of the “2” for most of the shave. I touch up with the red dot on the left side of the “2”. My additional touchups after using the Nivea and Neutrogena was on the “3” setting.

    I find that I get a very smooth shave with the Rex using this method and have minimal, irritation, if any. I really liked the Slim, but I am going to be using the Rex Ambassador as my razor. The difference between the Slim and Rex really surprised me.

    The design of the Rex is great. The length is the same as the Slim, so I didn't have to adjust how I hold it. The grip is great. The blade locks in well so there is no slippage.

    I am submitting this primarily for those who have sensitive skin, wrinkled face and, possibly, rosacea. I didn’t find a lot of information on the shaving blogs for this combination.

    It is an individual determination as to whether $249.00 is too much to pay for a razor. I did receive a 15% discount. For me, based upon the increase in the level of comfort while giving a really close shave is definitely worth it. If my Rex was somehow destroyed or stolen, I would immediately order a new one. I find that, based upon the shave I receive having rosacea, sensitive skin, and wrinkles that are not conducive to a great shave, the Rex is a great value.

    I don’t subscribe to any blogs, so I cannot post this, but I hope that Matt Pisarcik or anyone else from Razor Emporium and/or Rex Supply Company will be able to post this on different blogs so that persons suffering from rosacea and sensitive skin will have this input.

    Douglas A. Hale

  6. Best Razor I've Used 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th May 2018

    The Rex Ambassador so far is the best razor that I have ever used. It hits all of the bases squarly. Very smooth, Blade locks down tight with no chatter, Blade aligns perfectly every time. Best knurling of any razor I have used. Most importantly the best shaver of any razor I've used. Matt has knocked this one out of the park. A+++++++

  7. Excellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Apr 2018

    This bad boy delivers a close shave. It's heavy so it'll take some time to get used to it...not like the lightweight plastic razors from the grocery store. You'll have to tinker around with the settings to find which one works for you...I switch settings for different areas. Is it worth the money? Well, this thing will last past your death, so it's a lifetime plastic to wear out or plating to chip off or corrode. I had a Gillette adjustable but the plating wore off and turned green after 5 years so I tossed it and had to use disposable...I found some Gillette copies in Asia but the build quality was so so. This won't have issues. Take the plunge, get it along with a brush and soap and some good blades.

  8. Why I purchased the Rex Ambassador 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2018

    If I could design and build my dream razor, I would have wasted my time! All I could want in a razor is already a reality. This razor is all I could ask for, from build quality to intuitive design.

  9. Worth the wait and every penny... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Apr 2018

    So let me start buy saying I've been shaving for about 30 years. I've shaved with everything shy of broken glass in an effort to find the "answer" for shaving. I can honestly say this is definitely one of the answers if not THE answer.

    The machining is excellent, it looks and feels awesome, the operation is spot on. The angle the blade is set at is spot on it doesn't change with adjustment only the exposure does. The balance is spot on. The fact it is 100% SS means it can be handed down to your son... mine will have to go to my grandson because I bought one for my son with a successive serial number.

    In a nutshell buy one if not two and you won't regret it. I know most of you will end up owning scores of razors but if you need to have just one this is it.

  10. Caught me by surprise 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2018

    The parade of 5-star reviews here may be surprising given the diversity of beards, shaving habits, and other factors that make wet shaving a truly personal habit. And in fact, I wasn’t in love with the Rex the first 10 shaves, as I was surprised how it lacked the “smoothness” I expected from an adjustable razor. After all, I had used the Merkur Progress, and Parker Variant, and loved them both - slick, flexible, good any time of the day for any occasion.

    Don’t get me wrong - the Rex still “did the job.” But I couldn’t lock into the best setting, and was still wondering why it felt so different than my other adjustables. Knowing that breaking in a razor (or, more appropriately, breaking in the guy to the razor) can be a personal event.

    So I let the Rex go for a while. I even dropped a line to the RE folks, who offered to polish it up if it felt rough. It didn’t really feel rough, though - just different. Different cutting, Different feeling, at any setting.

    Fast forward four weeks later, and I am in a terrible hurry to shave before work. My other razor options have no blades, so I reach for the Rex, loaded with a Russian-made Gillette blade.

    And seven minutes later, amazement. Instead of the slow, lumbering strokes I took before, I went lighter (given the solid weight of the Rex) and faster. It still wasn’t the “glider” razor that whips around and does a decent job, but it was the workman that actually gets things done. Next day, same time frame - and same amazing result.

    Amazed and awakened, I returned to the Rex for a more leisurely weekend shave. And while the additional time gave me a cycle for going “beyond BBS”, I just learned to enjoy the distinct feeling that the Rex provides. It’s not the Progress or the Variant - or the Mergress, or the Digress. But my god, I can get the shave I want, at any setting, and two passes will do the job, or three passes and touch-up will get me to another level, and there’s no burn, no weepers or cuts, it’s just beautiful.

    The Rex will also take any blade I’ve thrown at it, and it provides distinctly different experiences, but within a reasonable range of comfort and performance. The Rex almost begs for experimentation - anyone who hasn’t tried a Feather, or has had it fail in other razors, is encouraged to try one in the Rex, at a setting of 1.5 or 2 initially, and see what happens.

    So for one of the longest reviews - and one that turned some initial disappointment to unabated joy and confidence - the Rex really is transformational, at least for me. As a willing victim of Razor Acquisition Disorder (and just about everything else), I’m having a hard time swapping in another razor for the Rex on any given day. I even did a check-to-cheek comparison with my beloved Progress, and the Rex simply outperformed the Progress. (And that is NOT a knock on the Progress, which remains one of my all-time favorite razors).

    Caveat - this isn’t a cheap razor. But the RE team is so customer-focused, and put so much credible engineering into this razor, you are left to decide whether the investment in a lifetime razor is worth it. For me, the only caveat at this point is “what do I do with the rest of my razors?” That becomes a valid question as I continue to reach for my Rex every morning.

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